Chivalry is dead

Another candid video of Donald Trump treating Melania like crap

So Donald Trump kicked off his 2020 campaign last Saturday at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport in Melbourne. The rally included Melania Trump robotically reading the Lord’s Prayer, a terrifying group rendition of Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA, and an 11-year-old girl purportedly needing to be escorted out after she wouldn’t stop “sobbing in fear.” But that’s not all.

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After the rally, the Trumps rode Air Force One from Orlando to their mansion in Palm Beach and the press was there to capture them getting off the plane. The footage once again shows Donald behaving like anything but a gentleman.

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In the tape, #45 lumbers down the stairs several feet ahead of Melania. (This is nothing new.) When he reaches the bottom of the steps, rather than waiting for his wife, he immediately plops down inside an idling SUV. When Melania finally makes it down the stairs several seconds later, Donald obviously doesn’t want to slide over for her, and so she is forced to walk all around the vehicle and climb in on the other side.


Watch the video below.