Anti-Gay Ad Hits OK Airwaves

Sen. James Inhofe, the radical conservative Republican from Oklahoma, is running an ad that has anti-gay overtones. The ad is effective at tying Democrat Andrew Rice to issues like gay marriage and higher taxes. The most recent polling has Inhofe leading by 22%. It’s unclear why he’d hit so low when he’ll win so easily. Maybe he’s just a jerk?

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  • Michelle

    Wow so basically the REAL copy on that should read:

    “Vote for James Inhofe…I mean, seriously, blacks and gays are so super scary!”

  • dd_in_sf

    OK, let’s start the betting. I’m saying that by the end of this year, Inhofe will be caught red handed with a dick in his mouth. Just sayin’

  • Len

    DD, I hadn’t thought of it, but you are so right.

  • queryourself

    Only in America (and Uzbekistan).
    These people, and their out-date opinions, are very much to the margins of British politics; and none of the main parties – either right or left – would go anywhere near endorsing that kind of message.
    Why is America so backward?

  • tallskin

    OH MY GOD! It’s like watching the worst rantings of the extreme tory right wing fringe groups at some tory party conference from the 80s!

    If the Tories had something similar now they’d be slaughtered!

    And no doubt all this originates from the fucking sky pixie beliefs they adhere to!

  • CitizenGeek

    “Overtones”? How much more obvious could the anti-gay sentiment be in that ad?

    Oklamhoma is the state of Sally Kern. It’s not like the majority over there will see sense any time soon.

  • Tom

    Obama was the true target of that ad.

  • Chapeau

    Queryyourself :: That is a damn good question.

    As for Inhofe, once an asshole
    Always an asshole!

    Whatta asshole!

  • Michael

    As an Oklahoman, I can tell you Fuckofe will win. You need only kiss a baby and talk about Jesus to win any position in that state. It’s a state filled to the brim with lazy, corrupt politicians and an extremely apathetic voter base. Of all the registered voters (and I don’t have a number) but only and extremely small amount ever go to the polls, and they tend to be old, white, god-fearing christians who vote for idiots like this because of whatever sparkly lure he dangles in their paranoid faces (fear of gays, fear of mexicans, fear of abortion) while distracting them from the underhanded, corrupt machinations going on behind the scenes.

  • mark

    LOSER STATES we won’t name names, but one rhymes with Shmoklahoma

  • mark

    Oklahoma should be in the f*ckin rear view mirror of any LGBT youth on their 18th Birthday. That absolute rathole, isn’t safe for you, and doesn’t deserve your talents.
    I’m getting long in the tooth and moved from Progressive MN to rural Louisiana….this state isn’t worth the gifts of it’s LGBT youth either, and in 100 years it still will be hateful toward queers. I’m here because the winters are milder, and my lover lived here.

  • Mr C

    I’m not surprised at The Bible Belt,

    Very racists. But loves Jesus!

    How Hypocritical…..The ad is horrible and I agree with Tom. Obama was the true target of the ad! RACE, RACE, RACE

  • Jaroslaw

    I get so tired of this. America must have a corner on the market for stupid people. What I’m referring to is the huge banner “Against traditional marriage.”

    How is allowing same sex marriage (even if your religion doesn’t approve) being “AGAINST TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE?”

    Voters should be insulted that their intelligence is assumed to be so low they wouldn’t catch that. Unfortunately, apparently most don’t.

  • Trey

    As an Oklahoman, I’m confident that we still have a chance to get Rice elected, but the problem is the fact that he’s still kind of unknown and the first televised debate between the two of them will not be until October 7th. If anyone feels like tossing some cash in the direction of Andrew Rice, here’s his campaign site:


    Yes, he’s just a jerk.

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