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Antigay Activist Is Outraged At Fellow Antigay Activists For Not Wanting All Homos Executed


Right-wing activist Theodore Shoebat has openly called for the execution of gay people on a number of occasions — so much so, it appears he’s managed to isolate himself from fellow antigay extremists.

For example, as Right Wing Watch reports, Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexual is an antigay activist who has dutifully done everything in his power to disassociate himself from Shoebat, evidently feeling his desire to have all homosexuals annihilated is a little bit over the top.

As one might expect, Shoebat is none too pleased at this development, as evidenced in his latest video, in which he calls LaBarbera a “filthy pig” and “traitor” for not sharing his views that gay people should all be summarily killed.

In the video, he rages that LaBarbera sided with “sodomites” instead of “standing by me, a fellow Christian.”

“You betrayed true Christianity. When God demands the death penalty for the sodomite, you go against God himself … You are an enemy of Christ and all of you cowards, you superficial empty skeletons, you walking tombs, you soulless, superficial reprobates who call yourself Christians, you are false prophets. You are pigs! You are worse than pigs, you are lower than Sodom and Gomorrah because you deceive people. You portray yourself as promoters of family values and Christianity, but you’re nothing but demonoids.”

Watch the video below.

H/t: LGBTQ Nation

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  • Terry Simmons

    Execute all hetrosexuals

  • Chris Wooden

    What a fucking twat!!!

  • Paul Ditz

    He has issues.

  • James Michael

    Why is no one talking about the way he pronounces documentary

  • Rodney Fletcher

    I couldn’t stop listening to the way he was pronouncing documentary.
    If you can’t even speak correctly, how can he judge other people???

  • Robert Montano

    He needs to come out , or he will always be a miserable person.

  • NoCagada

    @Rodney Fletcher: Don’t make fun of his speech…he had a cumball in his mouth!

  • Scott McIntosh

    Theodore SHOEBAT? Where to yanks get these amazing names? THis one is great entertainment, clearly madder than a box of frogs. Does he have any more videos? They will enliven the ‘Dark Tea Time of the Soul’ . Does he have a website he would be fun to wind up a little…..

  • DDB

    Please do not watch the video. It actually helps him think his video is that much more popular. I know ignoring him won’t make him go away but let’s not help bolster his confidence by watching that garbage.

  • Luis H. Lopez

    Gays let’s put these bigots were they belong in jail !

  • Tom Hill

    This cat is nuckin’ futs and I ain’t talkin’ about pecans.

  • JessPH

    Stop giving this lowlife the publicity he is desperately asking, Queerty.

  • Christopher Hayward

    You Sir or a bit extreme , you should join ISIS. Then we could send down to Gitmo prison.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    republican platform?

  • Richard J James

    The lady doth protest too much methinks.

  • John Malin

    How DARE that Cretan have a picture of Jesus on the wall behind him! Typical insane pseudo-Christian bullshit.

  • Zion Dean

    feel sorry 4 him…sad little person….

  • Ron Russell

    Kooks exist, givin them notice just magnifies their evil intents.

  • Dillon Vossen

    he doesnt speak very well… poor diction

  • Dieter Michaels

    This guy just needs to be fucked in the ass to release that anger.

  • Jluc Legeai

    And they to accepted!!!

  • David Trower

    oh my what a shame – he’s soo cute too!

  • Arjan Klip

    Shouldn’t we just stop giving these kinds of people that much attention? As long as they’re published they pass their message….

  • ted72

    … 3-2-1…caught having sex with a guy. Closeted gays display the most hatred gays – this is statistically shown throughout history.

  • Eddie Nieves

    GEE I dont like it that you lick pussy. Soooo let’s execute ur ass! How’s that?!

  • Loyd Hawkins

    Why do I get the idea that in a few months we’ll all be talking about this guy’s gay sex tape?

  • Rob Felber

    Another closet case… he probably visits bathhouses every weekend, then goes home and flogs himself.

  • Giancarlo85

    Shoebat should go join Daesh. They’ll appreciate him there. They spew out the same hatred. Shoebat is just repeating the right wing platform. Mass extermination.

  • Paul Birza

    I recognize this guy from Grindr

  • martinbakman

    X-tian think tanks realize one of the few remaining ways to scare up big money from the anti gay oldsters is suggesting to kill da gaze. This hateful rhetoric is happening all over the US.

  • Kris Barton

    Rabid dogs should be humanely euthanized. I’m for putting Teddy down.

  • Scribe38

    Damn someone needs a time out and a penis up the butt.

  • Chris Vogel

    All very Christian.

  • Clayton Westfall

    you can try bitch. I didn’t learn to fight for fun.

  • Nahald

    Awww…the poor guy can’t seem to spread his “Christian Values”

  • NateOcean

    It’s not pronounced “documentary”…
    … it’s “dick-you-men-tary”.

  • onthemark

    @John Malin: “How DARE that Cretan have a picture of Jesus on the wall behind him!”

    That explains it… Shoebat is a Greek name? From the island of Crete? Funny, it doesn’t sound very Greek. Oh you mean the OTHER kind of cretin! As the Ramones sang, “There’s no stoppin’ the cretins from hoppin’ / You gotta keep your feet in from a hoppin’ cretin.”

  • Tanya Moore

    says him who looks as camp as my flowers…

  • Roger Honeycutt

    Gotta remove the temptation from him. Closet case

  • Mike Power

    I know the US loves its First Amendment but if he was doing this in the UK he’d be serving time now. Incitement to murder is not covered by “free speech”.

  • Lee Hogan Holden

    This is the kind of vitriolic hate I have faced my entire life. THIS IS NOT O.K.
    Why does it matter what is said in a fairy tale that was written thousands of years ago by a bunch of sheep herder?

  • Don Hanover

    nice christian asshole

  • Juanjo

    That boy has a serious issue concerning his desire for hot sweaty man sex with a dominating daddy.

  • OlderGuy4Emo

    No man that threatened by gay people is straight. Desperately wants to be straight, but not straight. George Carlin said that gay-bashers aren’t trying to kill the queer outside, they’re trying to kill the queer inside, inside THEM.

  • GayEGO

    Shoebat, a batty homophobic, he may end up getting so upset that he will commit suicide, I have seen it happen to a homophobic.

  • Terrence Houlihan

    This PIG is protesting just a little too much!!! Thinks maybe he’s got a DEEP CLOSET!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Nunns

    Come on guys don’t be too harsh, poor sod had to grow up with Shoebat as his last name!

  • Chandler

    This Asshat is far from being a Christian! Its sounds like hes a recruiter for ISIS. Wanting to kill an entire group of people who arent like him. Or are they? This Fucktard has more in his big ol closet that his clothes.

  • Chandler

    Also learn to pronounce words, fool!

  • Giancarlo85

    @Chandler: We should refer to “ISIS” as Daesh. Daesh is an incredibly insulting term to them and they hate it… they hate Daesh so much they threaten anyone who uses it. Of course this man sounds like a recruiter for Daesh.

    @Mike Power: His speech can very well get him arrested in this country because it incites imminent lawlessness and danger to others. The US Supreme Court has made it very clear that freedom of speech is NOT unlimited (as said in Brandenburg v. Ohio). I hope this fool is being investigated already by the FBI for making terroristic threats.

  • Grumpy Cat

    What is the “Homosexual agenda” ?? My agenda is to provide for my family, be a good citizen,love my husband and respect the laws of the land. If that’s the “Homosexual agenda” then I am guilty as charged.

  • Giancarlo85

    According to these clowns, the homosexual agenda is where we try to recruit boys to believe in what we do… oh wait… that’s not the homosexual agenda. That’s the agenda of RELIGION and people like Shoecrap. Many religious sects/cults recruit boys and girls at young ages and brainwashes them.

    Then we have trolls like OCodone who accuse people on this site of being “anti-Christian”. No… we’re only “anti-stupid”.

  • Sansacro

    @James Michael: Because the uneducated fool never heard the word before and doesn’t know what it is? You should hear him pronounce “per-SON-al li-BERT-y” and “fe-lay-SEH-oh”

  • kthcst

    IS THIS born again christian for real???? nice way of spreading gods love you reject…. ALL BORN AGAIN HYPOCRITS LIKE YOU OUGHTA BE EXECUTED…Hes probably suckin dick on the side…

  • Claude Peterson

    something very broken in his brain

  • Michael Carley

    Fundamentalist Christain v ISIS – spot the difference. Can’t cause their isn’t none.

  • Typhon

    If there was any truth to this mans religion and the will of god that so glibly falls from his tongue all it would take to solve they gay “problem” is for this guy and a co-religionist to fall to their knees and pray we be made straight. As the purportedly inerrant word of god says, if any two come together and pray about any one thing it will surely come to pass (not to mention promises christians will heal the sick and raise the dead…).

    This should be no problem for this uber-christian being as he apparently is superior to other christians, more virtuous and with a direct line to the will of the almighty…

    Oh wait! That would mean holding his religion to some standard of proof and being something other than a monumentally arrogant douche who thinks his feelings (read faith) are the arbiter or reality.

    I do wonder at what point it would be ok to say to these fundamentalists and their hideous deity, put up or shut up because I’m tired of hearing the rabid murderous filth spewing from the lips of pointless superstitious primates who have been in existence for five nanoseconds compared with the age of the universe but think themselves qualified to pronounce on absolute truths, that god exists, which version of him is the correct one. I can imagine the reaction if I started wonking on about receiving massages from the giant pink unicorn who farted the universe into existence and who is now displeased and wants everyone to start wearing corduroy again… some sort of proof would be demanded something we don’t get from christians who seem to substitute loudness and venom for demonstration.

    Evil was defined at the Nuremberg trials as a complete lack of empathy. The attitude of such christians towards gays differs not at all to that of nazis towards jews (also ultimately inculcated by christians) who were also inferiors worthy of death. The fact this individual claims to be receiving direction from a deity as opposed to Hitler and Mein Kampf is neither here nor there in any practical sense even though for historical and other spurious reasons religiously inspired hatred gets shoved under the carpet and excused while we feel free to criticise anyone else’s politics.

  • crowebobby

    I’m sure he means well. (Not really.)

  • Nixter

    @kthcst: Seriously ! Why isn’t this monster in jail for producing videos demanding the death of all gay people ? How is that not an incitement to violence ?!

  • revjimbrooking

    And while we are at it let’s execute adulterers and children who curse their parents. To me people like this are as dangerous as any terrorist of any stripe. Certainly this man has never heard of grace and is a disgrace to Christianity. “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:2.

  • Kevin J Desmond

    Ok so now he’s a a known TERRORIST …. time for the feds to go in and take him into custody !!!!!

  • Chuck

    A closet case with extreme self hatred.

  • olfwob

    @DDB: or watch it and give a thumbs down

  • Jimmy

    @Terry Simmons: Please say you don’t mean that. We love heterosexuals. Most of my friends are heterosexual. However I’d be fine if you said for someone to knock off Theodore Shoebat. I mean I wouldn’t participate but I wouldn’t protect him. Just sayin’…

  • Bryguyf69

    At first, I wanted to tell people to not click on the video because every view would give Shoebat money if he monetized his YouTube videos. But then I realized that it wasn’t on his channel. It was on the Right Wing Watch blog’s channel so he doesn’t benefit financially from the views. I’m surprised that neither Shoebat nor his supporters have cited RWW for stealing his video. Re-uploading an entire video is not protected by Fair Use rules.

  • Bryguyf69

    Shoebat’s equivalence of bakers refusing to bake a gay wedding cake to gay bakers refusing to make a homophobic cake is illogical. The point was that the homophobic bakers were discriminating against a class of people, not just a message. They would have a better case if the gay bakers refused to make Christian cakes, or cater Christian events. Secondly, a gay cake does not attack the homophobic (Christian) bakers. The anti-gay cakes DO attack the gay bakers. Finally, a gay wedding cake is no different than a heterosexual or regular wedding cake, other than the names and plastic figures. There is no special message. For example, it doesn’t say that gays are superior. A cake with a hateful message IS extraordinary because no such cake normally exists. It’s not like there is a section for Hate cakes and you’re just changing a word.

  • trell

    ….still trying to recall when God himself demanded the death of homosexuals.

    (Checks Bible)

    Nope. Just some Judaic priest making weird laws for his tribe, which include not wearing red, eating shrimp, mixing fabric and other weird shit. Nothing about lesbians, who of course didn’t exist then, did they? ;)

    (Checks Qu’araan)

    Nope. A few passages written bout the shameful men of Lut and again, nothing about lesbians.

    (Checks all other media including the internet)

    Nope. Just a whole lot of other nutjobs who claim that they are God’s messenger and PR on Earth, and all of them with conflicting and self-serving ideas.

    (Checks everything ever written, recorded, typed, transcribed or otherwise noted…ever)

    Nope. So far, all I’ve got is a bunch of old fables in some dusty old badly translated books, and they’re all confused & contradicting third party accounts. God himself has never bothered to personally write, phone, text, dictate or signal anything…ever! If I didn’t know better, I’d probably say that he doesn’t exist.

  • Billysees

    @Paul Ditz:
    ” He has issues. ”

    Hehehe…lol…so funny the way you simply put it and how true.

    ” Certainly this man has never heard of grace and is a disgrace to Christianity. “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:2. ”

    Good comment and application of scripture. Here’s another good one —

    Are Christians persecuted or are they persecutors?

    You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how will it be made salty again? It is good for nothing anymore, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men…..Matthew 5:13

    Hateful and scornful public commentary by angry, immature, conservative, fundamentalist Christians is constantly being ‘thrown out’ and ‘trampled on’ by all sorts of mature minded folks who know better, and simply because it is worthless ‘tasteless salt’.

    This ‘tasteless salt’ is their way of being a persecutor.

    ‘Throwing it away’ and ‘trampling on it’ is the best way to deal with it.

  • MadMikenCT

    At first I was SURE this was a spoof because of the number of times this douche mispronounced documentary. Then it occurred to me – this is real and this is a very real stupid pathetic excuse of a christian who not only deserves to be executed but deserves to get one last wish which will clearly be a dick in the ass. There’s no other way to explain his frustration.

  • Brian

    Theodore Shoebat is attractive and would suit me fine in bed so long as he provided his consent to me. I couldn’t care less about his anti-gay comments so long as he kept them at bay for the duration of our experience.

  • Blake Baines

    He should just off himself then be rid of all of us he hates~I’m sure there’s more on his list. Or he could just give in to his desires and be the big OL’ Queer that he really is!! I’m up to here with these psycho closet cases! ~Aren’t you??!!

  • revjimbrooking

    @Paul Ditz: Actually I wouldn’t want to ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes by trampling on the likes of him!! I will simply shake the dust off my shoes and move on!

  • Typhon

    @trell: “….still trying to recall when God himself demanded the death of homosexuals.

    (Checks Bible)

    Nope. Just some Judaic priest making weird laws for his tribe, which include not wearing red, eating shrimp, mixing fabric and other weird shit. Nothing about lesbians, who of course didn’t exist then, did they?”

    A judaic priest/Moses who claimed to receive these injunctions directly from god… whether you are looking at judaism, christianity or islam you are confronted with individuals claiming to be speaking for the divine regardless of whether or not you can point to god speaking the directive in scripture. You are also confronted with modern individuals who simply declare a priori that this or that scripture is THE truth and THE word of god(s) based upon… well, their feelings basically. Long story short while you are right practically speaking from the theist point of view it is irrelevant, gods will/word is whatever the theist decides it is.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Brian: Goodness me, you’re a desperate tool. Are you kidding me? You hate yourself as much as he does.

  • Brian

    Shoebat is handsome – don’t deny it. I’d go to bed with him if he consented. Angry men are better in bed.

  • Giancarlo85

    Shoebat? Handsome? You said in the other article “health is paramount”. Well, I think you need to go take a vision test. Are you allowed to drive? The DMV of your state should be informed immediately because your eyesight is so poor.

    Shoebat is as handsome as dog shit. That beard is disgusting and grungy.

  • Brian

    @Giancarlo85: Nobody cares about your inane accusations. It is my prerogative whether I find Shoebat handsome or not. He is a lot more handsome than you.

    In fact, I wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot barge pole with alligator teeth attached.

  • trell


    You mean…the “whole lot of other nutjobs who claim that they are God’s messenger and PR on Earth” that I referred to?

    My point exactly. :)

  • trell


    Would the pair of you kindly get a life? It’s only an internet forum. No need to get annoyed by the other’s POV, whether its about Freddy Mercury, or this Shoebat guy. You both need to chill the fuck out!!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    lobotomized, by consent only….

  • Frederick M. Weisinger

    He should be first executed & if he like it he should try again…

  • Giancarlo85

    @Brian: How would you know? You never seen me in person or even a picture. Let’s recap here, you hate yourself so much you would try to get with a potentially violent extremist. You really are messed up. You have no dignity or self worth.

    And lastly go fuck yourself.

  • Max Maxwell

    How does this low-life even get talking space ?!

  • Paul Matwiow

    Mental illness. Now pair this mentally ill bigot with a legal gun.

  • Michael Claypoole

    Maybe their hatred we cause then to turn on each other? One can only hope.

  • Kangol

    For some reason Queerty wouldn’t let me post earlier on this thread. Every post I tried kept disappearing. WTF?

  • Chuck Cardillo

    Another lunatic who should be in a mental institution,

  • Brian

    I don’t consider Theodore Shoebat to be mentally ill at all. He’s a logical bigot in my view. He uses logic from which he draws a conclusion that is quite bigoted and offensive.

    However, he is also very handsome. When I saw some of his other videos on the net, I swooned. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to bed with him for an explosive experience.

    • Bryguyf69

      Well, yes and no. There is a logical progression in his thinking, as there is in most homophobes, bigots, etc — and much of theology and religiosity. The problem is that their initial premise is often false, or at the very least, unprovable or unproven. In that case, a logical argument is ultimately pointless since the result is false. To get geeky a bit, this is the basis of Indirect Proofs in math and logic. You’d make an assumption then follow through with some logical steps. If the answer you get is contradictory, especially if it contradicts your original assumption, then you’d know that the original assumption was wrong. QED. As my computer science friends say, “Garbage in, Garbage out.” Computer programs are, by definition, logical. But if you feed it incorrect data, you will get incorrect answers.

      The mental illness aspect comes in because rabid homophobes stick to their views, DESPITE reality, aka studies suggesting they’re wrong. This applies to religion as well. Refusing to acknowledge reality, despite concrete data and repeated results by science, is a hallmark of mental illness. Skeptics magazine had a great article comparing religiosity to mental illness. Both, for example, sees or experiences things that just aren’t there, at least to others. And both arrange their lives around these entities or experiences — and more dangerously, want to force others to do so as well. And both deny facts and science when they contradict their beliefs.

  • Brian

    @Bryguyf69: There is a natural and logical opposition to male homosexuality as the latter represents a rejection of virility, the driving force of the human species.

    The great fear is that male homosexual desire is so strong, it will cause men to turn away from women and confine their lusts to their natural bedfellows – ie other men. Keep in mind that men are more suited to each other than they are to women if you look at sex from the purely recreational perspective – ie men can have sex or pure fun whereas women get pregnant if they have sex.

    The “fun” notion is a very powerful one. My theory is that homosexuality is the natural default sexuality of men and that many of the rules and dogmas that have developed over the years have been designed to keep it at bay.

    Even the gay rights movement is designed to oppose male homosexual desire.

  • GG

    Cruz probably eying him for cabinet position.

  • Brian

    @Bryguyf69: Again, you’ve got to remember that men have sex for fun, and not to get pregnant. Men having sex with men is pure fun. It is a risk-free fun fair. This notion offends women. Women are appalled by the idea that men can have fun sex with each other without the worry of pregnancy.

    There is a superiority to male homosexuality especially if it exists in men who are also attracted to women. It represents a man’s potential to turn away from his woman, thus rendering her powerless in terms of her ability to control his behavior. Keep in mind that women use sexual consent to control overall male behavior but that this paradigm no longer applies if he can turn to men for his erotic comforts.

    The gay rights movement was invented by feminists to confine and restrict male homosexual desire to a sub-class, thus weakening its ability to reduce a woman’s power through the “turning away from women” notion.

    As I said above, gay rights is opposed to male homosexual desire because the former represents the idea that gay-identifying men have gone along with feminists and their desire to confine and restrict male homosexuality.

  • Black buns

    I can’t tell you one thing he said but I can’t lie, he is really attractive. He is SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! I did hear the word ‘pig’ and ‘sodomite’ but I have been called worse by less attractive men, so I was watching him talk while it was muted.
    Him and I were having a video chat/ argument on why I didn’t answer when he called last night to wish me a good night and left 69 voice messages.
    You have to sometimes just not pay attention to all the ‘blah, blah, blah’ and ‘rah, rah, rah’ and make your own version of these videos because no matter what you do, you are never going to change how they feel or how you feel. It hurts being attack for being your true authentic self but these folks tend to lash out on people that aren’t directly affected them. God is about love, understanding and patience and all the hatred for God’s children (which would be everyone on this earth) is something that we will one day have to answer for. God didn’t create us in his imagine for nothing but he wanted us to prosper and be a one big happy (sometimes) dysfunctional (on occasion) family with love, hope and destiny being the only things we should really worry about.
    Not any of us are loved more or loved any less by God but equally we are all the same, imperfect and bound to make mistakes due to being born innocent but made perfect for God. However none of us have the right to judge one another because that person that has not committed any sins throughout their life can cast out the first stone of judgement. God does not like ugly and not to fond of pretty either and that phrase has been so misused throughout time and basically it has to do with being ugly to your fellow man and woman. Being too full of yourself is the other part that is misinterpreted with being too pretty for your own good or too pretty for others where you think your better than them.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Brian: He is totally illogical and a nutcase. You don’t have much of a mental thought process going on at all.

    @Brian: What about lesbians? You must hate them even more. They can have sex and not get pregnant. LOL. You’re so stupid… you’re not even worth a response.

    “The gay rights movement was invented by feminists to confine and restrict male homosexual desire to a sub-class, thus weakening its ability to reduce a woman’s power through the “turning away from women” notion.”

    Bullshit. It was created as a movement based on far left wing liberation theology. Look at those who started it. They were mostly communi-sts and soc-iali-sts. It was about raising us to being treated equally in society. You don’t knwo anything about the history of the movement.

  • Brian

    @Giancarlo85: Leftists were part of the structure which fought for gay rights, not male homosexual desire. Male homosexual desire is essentially apolitical and existed way before gay rights.

  • Thomasina McNaughton

    Oh dear, someone forgot to give Dingbat his medications. Take your pills and put your foil hat on Theo, you cockwomble.

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  • Giancarlo85

    @Brian: They fought for equality, you ignoramus. You aren’t even gay so quiet down. And “homosexual desire”… Another one of your stupid catchphrases that infers choice. You never cease to amaze with the amount of ignorance you post. You know absolutely nothing about sexuality.

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