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Bennie Evett Bridges Led Police Raid On Atlanta Eagle Bar. Now He’s Arrested On DUI + Drug Charges

Bennie Evett Bridges, the Atlanta Police Department’s 41-year-old lead investigator on the Atlanta Eagle gay bar raid in September 2009, was arrested early Thursday morning on charges of DUI, possession of marijuana, and speeding (100+ MPH). All while driving a FBI vehicle at the time, which had been assigned to him as part of his work with a joint child prostitution task force between the bureau and the APD. Released in $1,900 bail, Bridges is on administrative leave with pay, pending an investigation into wrongdoing. Thanks to Bridges heroic police actions during the Eagle stunt, the city is now paying more than $1 million to settle claims from bar patrons. In the interest of being fair, let’s consider Bridges innocent until proven guilty. Just like those bar fags, right buddy?

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  • A.G.

    Don’t you just love Karma?

  • ThatPhoto

    Definitely serves him right. (What kind of law enforcement folks do they have in atlanta anyway?? ugh).

  • Trieste

    What a scumbag.

  • scott ny'er

    @A.G.: well, i don’t think it’s karma yet until he loses his job and has to pay restitution. It’s the beginning of Karma maybe.

  • ewe

    Please someone. Tell me he was sucking cock too.

  • adman

    This just in: ATL hypermasculine ghetto egotist masquerades as lawman, involved with “joint child prostitution task force”, results not pretty. Who could have seen that coming? News at 11.

  • Darren

    You would think that the FBI would check out who it’s lending its vehicles to.

  • Redickk

    Wow! It figures. Atlanta is a joke.

  • Resist

    Atlanta P.D. needs to clean up its act.

  • TruthIsRare

    I hope this guy is out of the Atlanta P.D. by now, but who knows?

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