Billy Porter threw some serious shade at Caitlyn Jenner this week


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Following Caitlyn Jenner’s announcement that she plans to challenge Gavin Newsom for the Calfornia Governor’s office, Emmy-winning actor and talent dynamo Billy Porter shared his thoughts on the matter. In short, he’s not a fan of Ms. Jenner.

Posting to Instagram, Porter shared a gif of himself at the Grammy’s wearing a now-infamous mechanical hat. The headwear featured motorized fringe that acted as a curtain around Porter’s face, which he could draw or part at will.

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“Caitlyn Jenner: ‘I’m running for Governor,'” the heading reads. The footage of Porter’s hat is meant to be California’s response to her announcement.

“The shade of it all,” Porter captioned the video, which was created by user @SaintHoax.

We admit: we share his sentiment.

Following Jenner’s announcement on April 23 that she would seek the Governor’s office in a potential recall of Newsom, reaction from the queer community–including by transgender activists–has been overwhelmingly negative.

“Girl, no,” actress/activist Jen Richards tweeted in response.

“Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t seem to be doing this for any reason other than ego and money,” said queer journalist David Badash. “I see zero policy positions or platform. Governing is a thing. It’s about service and experience. It takes more than being rich, having a social media account, and a reality TV gig.”

It remains unclear if the California recall election will move forward this fall. If it does, and if Jenner qualifies for the ballot, she will likely face a series of probing questions about her own political views. In the past, she advocated Donald Trump as an LGBTQ rights advocate despite his administration having a number of anti-queer rights stances, including policies harshly discriminatory against transgender people. Jenner will also likely face questions about her role in a car accident in 2015 which killed one woman, Kim Howe, and injured five others.