Brett Easton Ellis: “I Kind Of Agree With Paris Hilton” About Grindr Gays

American Psycho scribe Brett Easton Ellis took to Twitter this weekend to voice his support for Paris Hilton’s comments about gay men who use Grindr being “disgusting” and that “most of them probably have AIDS.”

“I kind of agree with Paris Hilton,” the onetime literary wunderkind tweeted Saturday night.

Last week, reported the whorish heiress was taped discussing Grindr with a gay friend in the back of a cab: “Eww, gay guys are the horniest people in the world…they’re disgusting,” she opined. “Dude, most of them probably have AIDS…I would be so scared if I was a gay guy…you’ll like, die of AIDS.”

Just last month, Ellis got in hot water on Twitter by suggesting audiences wouldn’t buy Matt Bomer as Christian, the male lead in 50 Shades of Grey. now that the White Collar star has come out as gay.

Just to make sure his 343,000+ followers didn’t miss this most recent pearl of wisdom, Ellis, 48, later tweeted Sunday morning, “As someone who has used Grindr? Paris Hilton isn’t that far off.”

A quick skim of Ellis’ other tweets this week see him repeatedly slamming the late writer David Foster Wallace as untalented, and waxing cute about a 26-year-old who was apparently dragging him off to bed.

Well, we have to agree with Ellis about one particular Grindr gay being “disgusting”: Him.

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  • Dumdum

    Do I smell another douche of the week ? I smell something and it ain’t pretty. So Miss Ellis tell us all how much you paid that 26 year old to have sex with you ? Inquiring minds want to know. I think it was a $10.00 bag whore.

  • Ragmatical

    Could someone let me know what “Grindr” is? I don’t really understand.
    And was he agreeing to the whole AIDS and gay guys thing or just specifically to the people on Grindr?
    Suddenly I just realized it really doesn’t matter.

  • Cam

    Ellis, 48, later tweeted Sunday morning, “As someone who has used Grindr? Paris Hilton isn’t that far off.””

    So just so I’m clear, did Ellis just come out as being HIV Positive?

  • jeff4justice

    @Ragmatical: Grindr is an app that people get for their phones or devices like an ipod/itouch.

    Using Grindr gay guys meet other gay guys to chat, exchange photos, and potentially find friends, dates or sex.

    It’s competition is Scruff and Mister.

  • jeff4justice

    Paris Hilton may be idiots but there is some truth here.

    I see myself many guys on the hook up apps and also Craiglist and Adam for Adam putting out offers for condomless sex.

    HIV rates are still high and a LOT of gay porn has given up on condoms in porn and I think that has a subconscious influence on the sex habits of gay men – especially young gay men who do not get LGBT inclusive sex ed in schools.

    Does this mean all gay men have unsafe sex or are promiscuous or have HIV? NO. But let’s not pretend that many do.

    Forget Paris Hilton. Where’s the outrage over the glorifiers and profiteers of condomless sex?

  • Joincny

    What is it with these snarky nasty gay guys who think they speak for all other gay people? Just because you’re a horrible person doesn’t mean that all gay guys are.

  • Michael

    @jeff4justice…way to perpetuate the notion that gays are the “other”. Condomless sex is not just a problem in the gay community…”Teen Mom” has relevance to MTV viewership for a reason. Ever read the classifieds on Craigslist for m4f or f4m? Just as reckless and or raunchy. Where’s the outrage over the fact that all of what Hilton and Ellis cite as endemic to the gay community are also endemic to the straight community as well? Get off of your high horse and stop excusing people for painting us in different colors as them.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Michael: Except HIV prevalence among gay men in the US is way, way, way higher than among straights. So no. Two straight teens having unprotected sex out in an Indiana farm (or wherever it is they find the teen moms of Teen Mom) is not as “reckless and raunchy” as two gay men who met on Grindr barebacking. Seems like at this stage in the game, people would know that already.

  • ChiChi Man

    Headline: Faded Gay Hag Kinda Agrees with Faded Straight Hag.

  • corpsman

    Sounds like this guy Ellis is not comfortable with his own sexuality. I’m sure that has a lot to do with his religious beliefs. These gay men are the ones that feed into the homophobic atmosphere. They can’t come to terms with their own sexuality so they take it out on the gay community. Then they spoon feed their homophobic rants to ignorant people like Paris Hilton. I would like to know if Paris Hiltons Gay friend is still friends with her or if he set her straight on the facts, otherwise he is just as bad as Ellis and Hilton and should be ashamed of himself.

  • EvonCook

    It is such a shame that such pathetic people say stupid things and then the media makes them represent a community. Ellis, in his self-loathing and community bashing, joins lots of others like Kramer, Signorelli, Savage, Drudge, Sullivan and not a few contributors here, in making assumptions and judgements about what they see on craigs, grindr or wherever, that because they SEE raunchy ads that that means dangerous sex is happening. It may, it probably does, but our comunity is certaily not to be singled out. It is so counter productive, biased and hate provoking to paint everyone with this hot button assumption. It is also ignoring that a basic, if not the most basic tenet of a human society and a democracy is the freedom of adults to control their lives and to make decisions for themselves. Further, these aforementioned people are also mostly against free and frequent sex, communing physically with lots of others, which they call promiscuous or non-monogamous sex, but which is something that is the natural way of sex, how sex was practiced for most of human history and the one greatest element of liberation that the gay community could contribute to our uptight society, that we could bring to topple the hateful and hypocritical religious denigration of sexuality –instead we have sold out to assimilate. It is hilarious this week as the religionists reel with the concept that their Jesus might have been married –was not too pure for sex! It is painfully evident that many prudes, biased and brainwashed are also sadly gay! The ones with the greatest stds are not those with AIDS or other afflictions, but those with small, vindictive and closed minds who are disrespectful of others and can’t see the greater horizon that sex offers for their own petty property, paternity, and public mind control, not to mention a good dose of ignorance, fear and plain out jealousy. Obviously to be gay is not necessarily to be free, liberal, progressive, sensitive, respectful, imaginative, understanding or even intelligent.

  • GeriHew

    @ChiChi Man: She’s bisexual….Oh yeah, and so is he :)

  • streeteditions

    And what did he take out of his mouth before he said this?

  • DrakeScott

    I feel as if I’m asking to get flamed here, but I’m not trying to stir anything up or singling anyone out. Really. However, I have wondered for years if I’m the only one who finds it astounding that gay men still use feminine pronouns (“she,” “her,” and so on) to describe other gay men whom they wish to degrade. I’m not someone who would describe himself as a feminist per se, but have we really become so blind to misogyny and sexism that we don’t recognize it? As a group maligned, in essence, because of sexism and misogny (i.e. there’s nothing worse than a “man who acts like a woman” with other men), it’s bizarre that we’d still be perpetuating it among ourselves.

  • balehead

    Send him back to Iran!…!

  • balehead

    Send him back to Iran!…! Opps! Wrong Hag….

  • balehead

    Can we send him with Mahmoud back to Iran
    as a parting gift??…..

  • Dumdum

    I guess this stuff is way over my head since I am an old married lady. I lived through the AIDS crisis in S.F. during the 80s. So love with no glove is alien to me. How soon they forget…..OH YES !!! I remember now. !!! We were young, and immortal… NOT !!! I am sure that you know this but really don’t want to. People in Africa who have HIV. think that if they have sex with a child who is clean. They too shall become clean. I ain’t making this stuff up!!! Check it out bitches!!! Also there are some genotypes of HIV that DO NOT respond to treatment. The voice of age and science. Be afraid,be very afraid !!! You M.F.s have already rained on my parade… Now it is my turn. SORRY !

  • jeff4justice

    @Michael: My comment was based on the context of this post. You’re comment appears to be in the context of excessive nitpicking and worrying that everything any LGBT person does must be some perfect reflection of the LGBT community or we’re all doomed.

    Are you going to lecture me about how not every gay person has online access or can even afford a smart phone with gay meet up apps?

  • BrokebackBob

    “American Psycho”, those two words tell you all your need
    to know about Brett Easton Ellis (or insert any other 3-word
    Ivy League name)

  • PTBoat

    I guess his literature isn’t bitter and angry enough. He’s made a new career of incendiary statements about gay people and, subsequently, himself. Oh well, there are less damaged people to whom to pay attention.

  • Gregg

    As a promiscuous bi-male, who hasn’t used GRINDER but have friends who have, I can’t argue factually with much of Mr. Ellis’ tweets on the subject. Safe to say that–as a group–gay males have much more sex with many more partners than the general population. If you find those facts uncomfortable, maybe that’s your issue to explore. (That being said, I’m no fan of Mr. Ellis’ art or life, & find Ms. Hilton a living, breathing indictment of Western Civilization!)

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