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Brett Kavanaugh is probably going to start crying again when he sees why he’s trending on Twitter

Well, the day has come. The Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments in the most consequential abortion case in decades. And, of course, accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh is once again trending on Twitter.

SCOTUS is considering a Mississippi law that seeks to ban abortions after just 15 weeks of pregnancy, including those caused by rape or incest. The state wants Roe v Wade overturned, thus eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion.

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If the court agrees, states would be free to set their own standards on abortion, including banning it entirely. 22 states have already begun planning for this. 12 have already passed trigger laws, which would automatically outlaw abortion the moment Roe is overruled. A final ruling is expected in June.

The fact that Kavanaugh, who loves beer and hates LGBTQ people, is going to be one of the deciding votes in this matter is deeply troubling given his alleged history of sexual assault against women and those 4,500 tips the FBI received during his confirmation hearing that it never actually investigated.

Now, the tweets…

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