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Bryan Safi’s Gathering DOMA Storm Is On The Way

Now that Barack Obama has decided a couple sentences of the Defense of Marriage Act violate Intergalactic Space Treaty XVII, Section 17, Paragraph 9, Semi-Colon 2, the inevitable is coming: Bryan Safi is totes going to do everything in his power to piss off Mike Huckabee. Because that’s why Bryan creates these segments, you know. To piss off Mike Huckabee. And once the courts strike down DOMA (which is going to be a complete breeze, I’m assured by a first-year law student at a third-tier law school, because the Justice Department isn’t going to try and stop it), Bryan is going to find a complete stranger, have sex with him, and then marry him — thus completing both of Huckabee’s favorite sins: premarital sex, and homosexual marriage.