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  • terrwill

    I have never been so damm glad that TMZ existed until now!!! Little miss rightwing cunty shoes tried to portray her and her silicone tits as pure as the driven snow!! She had the gall to sue the pagent to pay for her fake tits, and then as her lawyer was huffing and puffing they asked him to take a chill pill and view a little home movie little miss cunty shoes made!! I have never purchased straight porn in my life but please let me know where I can be first on line to purchase this one!!!

  • Bloviating Hammerhead

    The most hilarious result of the Miss USA 2009 marriage question controversy was how it caused the the two sides of an important debate to be represented by the two worst possible spokespeople imaginable. How embarrassing must it have been for same-sex marriage supporters to have the face of their movement become the smirking, insipid vissage of Perez Hilton, perhaps the most irrelevant person alive on this planet right now. And simply because she expressed opposition to same-sex marriage with her inarticulate answer to Hilton’s question, Carrie Prejean became a de facto spokesmodel for conservatives, especially conservative Christians, and that reveals the problem within both sub-cultures. Carrie Prejean clearly doesn’t pack the intellectual or moral gear to be a spokesperson for an Indian reservation Bingo hall, let alone a political and religious movement adhered to by tens of millions of people. The problem that conservative Christians have is that they consistently support, endorse, and and entrust their public relations representation to the wrong people for the wrong reasons. A recent opinion column shows how they have allowed a cranky, narcissistic old man, Dr. James Dobson, to not only define and shape Christian conservatism, but to also serve as kingmaker, choosing other people for similar positions of influence. Over and over again, he has shown himself to be incompetent in this. The column gives shocking evidence regarding Carrie Prejean, Mel Gibson, and others.

  • Dick Mills

    “She’s SO not going to take this lying down!”

    At least not without a well lubricated finger.. or two..

  • SoylentDIva

    “She’s SO not going to take this lying down!”

    At least not as far as we know….there may be more tapes in TMZ’s vault.

  • Joey

    Of course she’s not going to take it lying down, silly! She likes it doggy style!!

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