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Celina Jaitley Is India’s Biggest Straight Ally (Who Can’t Stand Bisexual Men)

Celina Jaitley, the straight Bollywood actress, was among the revelers in Mumbai celebrating the city’s first gay pride parade last year. And there she was in 2008, championing the gays’ right to get married. So what’s this about Ms. Jaitley coming down harsh on bisexual men?

Bi guys are nothing but trouble, says the star. “Bisexuality is something I am not very comfortable with. If a person is bisexual then it is unfair to both the male and female partners. Although, I am ok with a person being gay, lesbian or transgender. But bisexuality is something which is emotionally hazardous for both men and women.”

And as if that stigmatization weren’t enough, here she goes about the risk one endures by even dating a bi man: “My first boyfriend was gay. Nothing really happened between us. Since it was my first time, I didn’t really know what would happen in a relationship. He stayed in the closet for a long time. I would never date a bisexual man in my life because it is a huge heath risk.”

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  • My Gay Rant

    I remember in high school, a group of (idiodic) girls was discussing how “bisexuals are just straight men desperate enough to have sex with a man”… I believe bisexuals, like Mariah Carey who complained that being biracial made her feel unwelcome everywhere, have a tough time finding a niche in the straight and GLBT world!

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    What makes what Celina said any different than tons of gay dudes who feel exactly the same and treat bisexuality like shit? I personally think, whether they act on it or not, most men and women are bisexual. Freud, still the greatest thinker on this issue in my opinion, was absolutely right when he said sexuality is a spectrum where you have those that are totally straight on the left, totally gay on the right but most people fall somewhere in between, leaning towards the gay or straight side.

  • the crustybastard

    It’s called “acceptance,” Celina.

    But you’re halfway there. Keep working at it.

  • afrolito


    Who gives a shit what you personally think? You only speak for yourself, and no one else. I am not secretly bisexual, and hiding it for some odd reason.

    As far as Celina goes, she isn’t saying anything different than what many gay men say every day.

  • DR


    you’re right, she isn’t and she gets the same answer the gay men and lesbian women who say it do, which is “get over yourself”.

  • Lamar

    I never get why people hate bi men, why are bi women so great?

  • Cam

    I don’t think she “Hates” bi men, I think what she is probably dealing with is what a bunch of women deal with. They date a guy, they like him. And then he starts to come out of the closet…and as we all know many guys, when they first come out of the closet start off by saying they are “Bi”. So she was probably burned a few times. I would guess that an Actual Bi guy would have told her that he was bi from the beginning and not sprung it on her. Just a guess.

  • TR

    so she doesn’t like promiscuous bi men….which she assumes all bi men are….
    this reminds me of the older stereotype of gay men being highly promiscuous…

  • carlton

    Celina Jaitley is a friend of the communities and has been for a long while. It takes a lot to be an advocate (openly) for the gay community in india…a great deal of fortitude and courage. She was also a former Miss India and runner up at Miss Universe. I really don’t think what she’s saying is at all different than how most gay men and straight woman feel….most, not all of us, ARE uncomfortable with being with a bisexual guy. Whether people admit it or not, call it insecurity or not, but yeah, there are a great number of people who are uncomfortable with it and would just rather know where their partner stands in sexuality. Right or wrong.

  • missanthrope

    “I really don’t think what she’s saying is at all different than how most gay men and straight woman feel….most, not all of us, ARE uncomfortable with being with a bisexual guy”

    Well, then that’s your problem. I doesn’t have to do the reality of of bisexual but with does have to do with your discomfort with abiguity and that sexuality isn’t all that cut and dry. If you’re really that worried about it; does it really matter if your boyfriend/husband cheated on with a man or woman?

    And Dan Savage is being really sneaky there with a Jedi mind trick. He picks out one fact about bisexual people that is true for some bi’s but not true for others and then punds away at it again and again every times he mentions bisexuality (that we are “unprodictible”. That tends to send subtle message when he talks about over and over again ad nuseum. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • san

    I know a lot of gay people who has problem with bisexuality, I don’t understand why, maybe they are just jealous they have lots more action, so until we correct our own community, we shouldn’t be criticizing others.

  • Correy

    @My Gay Rant: Thank you, and frankly most of the time we don’t. What kills me is that I’m in a long term relationship with a man (we just celebrated one year together), I am monogomous with that man, yet I am still bisexual, always will be, that won’t change, and people are still assholes about it.

  • Kwil

    As a bisexual male, who just happens to be neither promiscuous nor disease carrying (that it fucking matters!), I am disgusted. I Would like to know why some people here are justifying this woman by saying her views are in line with many gay people.

    Since when did thinking that someone is a health risk, an emotional player, a liar and a threat because of their sexuality become a normal view amongst a group of people who have JUST finished celebrating the liberation of their own sexuality. This is so backward. I will never sympathise with a gay man who believes this, you are a goddamn hypocrite!

  • jason

    I think Celina is confusing bisexuality with promiscuity. It’s a common affliction of those who don’t take the time to think clearly about issues.

    A bisexual orientation simply means you are capable of finding both genders sexually attractive. It doesn’t mean you cheat on your spouse or want to have threesomes every night of the week.

    Unfortunately, out perceptions of bisexuality have been heavily distorted by the porn industry, an industry which calls female bisexuality “straight” and male bisexuality “not straight”. Such distortions are hugely damaging to the concept of bisexuality. It’s one reason why I’m opposed to porn.

    There is also the other major problem: women who use their so-called bisexuality as a marketingp ploy. These are women who claim to be bisexual for the specific purpose of “turning a man on”. It’s bisexuality as fetish, not orientation.

  • brightcove

    she is just another Miss India who failed miserably at being an actress and has to stay in the news for some reason otherwise people will forget her. The way she handles things at Gay Parades, screaming and desperately trying to gay-in attention, she appears so sick to me that if I were there, I would just slap her. For me, she is not the champion of any cause, but her own and i.e. free publicity.

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