b is for bothersome

Celina Jaitley Is India’s Biggest Straight Ally (Who Can’t Stand Bisexual Men)

Celina Jaitley, the straight Bollywood actress, was among the revelers in Mumbai celebrating the city’s first gay pride parade last year. And there she was in 2008, championing the gays’ right to get married. So what’s this about Ms. Jaitley coming down harsh on bisexual men?

Bi guys are nothing but trouble, says the star. “Bisexuality is something I am not very comfortable with. If a person is bisexual then it is unfair to both the male and female partners. Although, I am ok with a person being gay, lesbian or transgender. But bisexuality is something which is emotionally hazardous for both men and women.”

And as if that stigmatization weren’t enough, here she goes about the risk one endures by even dating a bi man: “My first boyfriend was gay. Nothing really happened between us. Since it was my first time, I didn’t really know what would happen in a relationship. He stayed in the closet for a long time. I would never date a bisexual man in my life because it is a huge heath risk.”