Cher tears into Sarah Sanders’ sense of style — and it’s as brutalizing as one could hope

From the Department of Oof: Cher just took Sarah (“Look, Look”) Sanders to task for her sense of style, and the result — as the expression goes — isn’t pretty.

On Monday, the legendary “Believe” singer fired off a bitch-slappy tweet aimed at the Press Secretary: a short, effectively lacerating sentence that gets the job done.

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Quite simply, it reads:

“Would someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife.”

To drive the point home, Cher posted a photo that looks like it was culled from press materials for the Big Love DVD box set.

The braids! The lace-up shoes! Puffy, puffy shoulders! Long sleeves and high-necks aaaaaaannnndd….

You know what really didn’t end well? When another Twitter denizen went after Cher, saying Sanders “doesn’t need half naked clothes to make us notice her”:

We know we need a kicker to finish this post, but we’re still obsessing over “half naked clothes” and can’t concentrate. So