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Chris Appleton recalls blowing off a drunk Lukas Gage years before sliding into his DMs & tying the knot

Chris Appleton, Lukas Gage

It’s been five months since Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage culminated their whirlwind romance by tying the knot in a wild Las Vegas wedding officiated by Kim Kardashian on April 22.

The celebrity hairstylist and The White Lotus actor’s nuptials at Sin City’s infamous Little White Chapel came just two months after they first put their relationship on blast by sharing photos vacationing in Mexico together.

While it seemed the lovebirds moved at warped speed, it’s now come to light how the pair first met each other years ago and didn’t exactly hit it off.

In a new interview, Appleton admits their relationship got serious pretty quickly after he slid into Gage’s DMs last winter, even though their first interaction wasn’t a love connection at first.

“I met him at a party five years before,” the 40-year-old told Bustle. “I had a partner at the time, and he said something to me drunk. I remember thinking like, Oh, f*ck off.”

Despite not divulging what exactly Gage said that irked him, Appleton claims the up-and-coming star left an indelible impression.

“But anyway, I didn’t forget him,” Appleton shared. “Then five years later I saw him on my Explorer page and I DMed him. I just said, ‘Boo!’ Like the ghost emoji.”

And while most of the world sees them as two extremely hot husbands with matching His & His six-packs, Appleton describes their bond as being much more pure in nature.

“It’s almost like that kind of childlike kind of innocence to our relationship and I think that’s really special and rare,” said The Drew Barrymore Show correspondent.

Appleton, who has been in charge of keeping Kim Kardashian’s hair and wigs on point, also recalled how he convinced the reality diva to officiate his and Gage’s last-minute wedding ceremony.

 “I don’t really talk about relationship stuff with Kim normally, so the fact that I was talking about it, she knew [it was serious],” he told the outlet.

“Then I said, ‘You could be the flower girl’ Then I rang her back and I was like, ‘Oh my God, you should marry us. How f*cking hilarious would that be?’”

She was game and the next thing the trio were boarding Kim’s private jet to Vegas with the grooms decked out in black Chewbacca-esque furs, leather pants, and shiny disco shirts.

After exchanging vows in front of Kanye West’s ex-wife, an afterparty featuring a serenade by country superstar Shania Twain singing her 1998 hit “You’re Still the One” ensued. Totally normal!

“[Then] we went to Cabo, we all got tattoos at the end of the night,” Appleton said. “Everyone was smiling and happy. It just was a celebration.”

Five months later, the party – and their love – is still going strong!

Check out a few more photos and videos of Appleton living the happily married life below:

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