Chris Salvatore’s steamy shower, Chris Lin’s breakfast spread, & Raneir Pollard’s home gym

This week Elvira came out of the closet, Leslie Jordan shared not one but two thirst traps from his younger years, and RuPaul made Emmys history. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Elliott Norris saw Paris.

Ben Baur stayed in Mexico.

Wilson Cruz had coffee.

Raneir Pollard worked from home.

Jai Rodriguez skipped the Met Gala.

Sam Morris showed off.

Sander Jennings hit the river.

Charity Kase haunted a hotel room.

Taylor Frey took care of the kids.

Gleb Savchenko got dressed.

Chris Lin made breakfast.

Big Dipper got shape.

Carson Tueller finished his Friday workout.

Luke Evans watched the water.

Derrick Gordon flexed.

Chris Salvatore took a shower.

Deaven Booker posed for Calvin Klein.

Markus Thormeyer circled the lake.

Zander Hodgson sat in the shade.

Greg Scarnici had a breakthrough.

Miles McMillan made his own clothes.

Josey Greenwell took a break.

And DJ Alex Lo looked down.