mistress of the dark

Christian Walker got out-trolled by Elvira on Twitter and the shade is just too good

Photo Credits: Getty Images (left), Twitter Screenshot (right)

It’s Mistress Of The Dark versus “Vicious Little Snark” when Elvira delightfully takes conservative troll Christian Walker to task on Twitter. And of course the macabre maven comes out on top, no contest.

It all started when yet another version of the popular “Lunch Table” meme began circulating earlier this week, from Twitter user @CenterLeftyPOV, asking, “Which table are you eating at?”

It’s a particularly difficult question to answer in this iteration because every table proves to be heinous in its own ways. There are monsters real and imaginary littered throughout, mixing in classic slasher villains (Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers) with nightmarish psychopaths (Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Greene). Truly, no table is safe from at least one person who would either spew ridiculous conspiracies ad nauseam (Ted Cruz) or literally stab you in the back (also Ted Cruz).

There is, however, one seat that would at least put you next to two unimpeachable legends: Mariah Carey and Elvira. Surely their combined star power and gay icon-ery is enough to overpower the third table-mate, “living parody” Christian Walker.

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Just last week we watched Walker have a meltdown when he found out he was in the Starbucks line behind pop-R&B star Kehlani, so we’re pretty confident he’d be no match for Mimi and The Mistress in the cafeteria line.

In any event, the meme eventually made its way to Elvira herself, a.k.a. beloved queer actor Cassandra Peterson. She initially quote-tweeted the post, sharing a photo of herself and Carey looking gorgeous and making perfect use of the Mean Girls quote: “You can’t sit with us.”

But things got extra juicy 15 minutes later when she followed up with, “Especially @ChristianWalk1r🥴🤮,” tagging the whining windbag directly—and making perfect use of emoji, we might add.

We really shouldn’t be surprised that someone known as “The Mistress Of The Dark” is so good at throwing shade.

And she didn’t stop there! When someone (appropriately) responded with, “Who?,” Elvira shot back with a devastatingly succinct, “Exactly.” Sorry Walker, you’re going to have to turn around and walk right out the cafeteria door after that one.

Whether this is just some light reading or the start of the next great internet feud remains to be seen, but Gay Twitter™ has already chosen sides and you certainly won’t be surprised to hear that they’re backing Elvira whole-heartedly. Here are just a few of our favorite reactions: