Sneaky marketing

Does this Christmas commercial have a subliminal pro-gay message?


Ruh-roh! The folks over at One Million Moms and NOM are not going to be happy about this.

ACE Hardware’s new Christmas advert may have a subliminal pro-gay message. It’s not 100% clear, though, which is why it’s subliminal.

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Basically, the company just started promoting its new “Two names, one gift” holiday campaign where, if you buy a certain tool, you get a free ACE gift card to go along with it, thus helping you cross two names off your yuletide shopping list.

In the commercial, a woman buying a power saw says, “This takes care of my son and my son-in-law!”

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The open-ended comment leaves viewers wondering: Are those two “sons” married to one another, or is she referring to her son and the man married to her daughter? It’s totally ambiguous. And totally gay-seeming!

Cue the backlash in 3…2…1…

What do you think? Check out the commercial and decide for yourselves…