People say they’re sorry for offending people all the time! Shia LaBeouf said sorry for using the word “faggot.” Nigel Lythgoe apologized (or admitted “regret”) for his comments about two male dancers. Puerto Rican show SuperXClusivo was sorry for calling Ricky Martin a pato. And even New Hampshire State. Rep Nancy Elliot apologized for her remarks about grade schoolers learning about anal sex (but didn’t apologize to the gays). But what’s a television show creator to do when he goes way off the deep-end, and starts defending Hitler?

Comedian David Fane, creator of New Zealand’s bro’Town (the country’s first primetime animated show!), stopped by the inaugural Radio Roast to tell the audience “Hitler had a right,” HIV sufferers deserved to be “roasted,” and “Jews were expendable.” It’s unclear from the report, but was he trying to be funny in his speech? Or speaking seriously? That matters a little bit.

He later apologized for the remarks, saying, “I really am so very sorry for any offence I’ve caused you. They were dumb words, said by a dumb man.” And he’ll be sending letters to the New Zealand Jewish Council and the New Zealand Aids Foundation; the Jewish Council’s president Stephen Goodman, acknowledging how anti-Semitic the comments were, has already accepted it. And The Radio Network has suspended Fane … until mid-July.

So, I guess that’s it. You say the most terrible things about stigmatized groups of people, say you’re sorry, and your career continues. What else would we have him do?

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