Dame Edna Everage comes out as a raging transphobic Trump supporter in new interview

This just in: Barry Humphries, better known as drag queen Dame Edna Everage, is total trash.

In a new interview with the Spectator, the subject of trans rights came up. When asked his opinion on the matter, the Australian comedian deplorable replied, “Terrible rat-baggery!”

84-year-old Humphries then went on to call being trans a “fashion–how many different kinds of lavatory can you have?” before adding, “And it’s pretty evil when it’s preached to children by crazy teachers.”

Twitter has responded to the comments accordingly:

But this isn’t the first times Humphries has attacked trans women.

In 2016, he called Caitlyn Jenner “self-mutilated” and a “publicity-seeking ratbag.”

“They had their genitalia chopped off and tucked in and whatever they had to do,” he added. “It’s all given the stamp–not of respectability, but authenticity or something. If you criticize anything you’re racist or sexist or homophobic.”

In that same interview, Humphries voiced his undying support of Donald Trump.

“I’m grateful to Trump for stirring up politics,” he said. “And I won’t be joining any marches against him.”

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