Nightmare scenario

His deranged ex sent their explicit videos to his friends, his coworkers, and his MOM

study from the Center for Innovative Public Health Research found that 1 in 25 people have fallen victim to revenge porn. LGBTQ people one of the hardest hit groups of victims, with 15%  being threatened with and 7% actually having their naughty videos shared online without their consent.

One Australian man knows the sting of revenge porn all too well. Now, he’s sharing his painful story.

It all started when his ex posted one of their x-rated videos on Facebook, then tagged all the victim’s friends and family members, including his mother.

“The phone started going nuts,” the victim, speaking under anonymity, explains. “My friends were calling and asking if I was aware about what was going on. … The worst was when my mother called up and told me she didn’t need to see me having sex.”

Yeah, we can imagine that would probably be The. Worst.

But, actually, no. That was only Act 1 of the nightmare.

A few weeks later, the ex uploaded another x-rated video of the couple on YouTube. Then he sent the link to the victim’s family, including his poor mother again. He also sent it to all of the victim’s coworkers, as well as his boss.

“While the images were taken down off Facebook mostly within a few hours, the email to my work was not able to be retracted,” the victim says. “The damage by then was done.”

The man said the whole thing was humiliating, not to mention confusing, since he genuinely did not know why his ex was being so vindictive, saying “no explanation rationalizes it or makes sense of it.”

“I went to bed every night not wanting to wake up the next morning,” he recalls. “I just didn’t want to deal with it.”

Amanda Lenhart from the Center for Innovative Public Health Research told the Washington Post recently that revenge porn is “a common tactic among domestic abusers.”

“Nonconsensual pornography can have a devastating and lasting impact on victims,” she said, “so it’s vital that we understand how common this is and who is affected.”

Luckily, the victim’s boss saw right through the ex’s slimy actions, responding to the email: “This says nothing about [the victim] and everything about you.” The victim’s coworkers were also sympathetic, and the problem quickly went away.

“Their response was amazingly good,” the victim says. “You couldn’t want for better.”

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  • sfbeast

    Wow, the response from the boss and co-workers is amazing. Good for them.

  • JerseyMike

    Pay attention to who you bring in your life.. His vindictive ways didn’t start with sending out the video. He was evil long before they meet. Pay attention to the things people say and the things they do to you and others. People always give you clues about who they really are.

  • Mack

    Fortunately my ex never had x-rated videos of me or pictures because he would have been the type to do this. There are some nutcases out there and some time we find out a bit too late.

  • Jack Meoff

    And this boys and girls is why you don’t take videos of pics of yourself having sex in the first place. What purpose do they really serve anyway?

  • KiwiJello

    Just do like me. Don’t make explicit videos and don’t be hot enough that if I do, no one wants to see them ;)

  • JaredNorthcutt30

    Everyone’s shit is on the Internet. Snowflake needs to grow a pair of tits. As Lily Allen says, “It’s hard. It’s hard. It’s hard out here for a b—h.” Welcome to 2017!

  • BigG

    Rule number one of a homemade porn, don’t EVER show your face. Number 2, learn to date better men and do a background check. Trust me. It’s worth it.

    • Me2

      Rule number one is a MUST! With rule number 2, sometimes you’re too deep in when you realize who they actually are. But that would NEVER stop me from beating the absolute ish out of him and stomping a hole in his back!

    • miserylovedme24

      Thing is, as a viewer, porn without faces is completely pointless. It’s just not hot to watch. And that goes for exchanging pictures or videos, it does absolutely nothing for me to just see a faceless dick. And a background check…really? Like that somehow would tell you that someone would send your pictures or videos out? WTF lol

  • Chevelter

    Why does no one suggest the obvious, that he sue the pants off of the ex, so to speak.

  • Prax07

    Good for the vindictive ex. Sometimes we’re just treated so badly there’s no recourse left except to lash out, going full nuclear is the only option.
    My ex lied constantly, cheated using various apps while in my bed while I was sleeping, used me, and didn’t care at all about the damage he was doing. Just getting over it wasn’t an option. Destroying all his belongings, posting his nude pics, and the nude pics and info of the sluts he cheated with onto cheatetreport and posting video of him f-ing his ex gf (he did it while he was “with” me) onto pornhub was my outlet for revenge. As well as contacting every slut I found on his phone to tell them all about him and how many others there were. I don’t feel bad, doing it was liberating. Even sent the f-ck video to his ex gf’s dad because she had a PFA on him yet was still hooking up with him, and her dad wasvnamed in the pfa as a witness to the supposed abuse and she was living with her father as a protective measure at the time. Nuckear Option my dears is sometimes warranted.

  • He BGB

    Remember Polaroids? Haha. Unless you’re going to make a ton of money by “leaking” an x rated video, don’t even do it? And not only hiding your face, folks, but use a motel room because people will recognize that lamp shade or end table or quilt or most obviously that photo in the silver frame of you at Fire Island in your room. Lol.

  • Bob LaBlah

    We live in a world now where video cameras are hidden in the head of ink pens and can record for hours. Lamps, clocks on nightstands ceiling fans and even the harmless telephone can all contain video cameras. When you go home with a pickup to his house you are now taking a risk with the odd right at 50/50 its being recorded.

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