Dick Cheney Is Really Unhappy About Mary and Heather’s “Attack” On Liz

dick cheneyWhen Liz Cheney launched into an assault of marriage equality that is clearly a slap at sister Mary’s marriage, Mary and her wife, Heather, were understandably angry. As for Dad? Not so much so. In fact, if the former vice president is angry with anyone, based on is latest comments, it’s Mary and Heather.

At an appearance at the National Press Club, Cheney was asked about the family feud. His response was revealing for the irritation he showed to Mary and Heather. In fact, he didn’t even acknowledge their existence, preferring to use a passive voice.

“We were surprised that there was an attack launched against Liz on Facebook, and wished it hadn’t happened,” Cheney said. “It’s always been dealt with within the context of the family and frankly that’s our preference.”

Those words are hardly the ringing endorsement of Mary and Heather’s right to be married. (It also makes you wonder if he’s especially angry with Heather, who was a lot more vocal in her complaint about Liz’s hypocrisy.) But if Dad is taking sides, it’s with Liz. At the time of the original quarrel, Cheney issued a statement praising Liz’s “many kindnesses.” Nary a word about how Mary and Heather might feel a bit put out by a political stand that strikes at the heart of their relationship.

Cheney cut off additional discussion of the topic (“Don’t waste your time,” he said, reminding us why we don’t miss him). But his few words underscore the fact that keeping family disputes quiet is what really matters to him. Too bad that comes at the expense of one of his daughters and her wife.

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  • Cam

    This is such a phony P.R. planned story.

    Lets see,

    Liz is running for Senate and is accused of being gay friendly because of her sister. Soon after her lesbian sister and her wife Publicly attack the sister running for office for being anti-gay marriage and anti-gay rights.

    You might be saying, “Well gee, but Mary is a lesbian and so maybe she just didn’t like the fact that her sister is a politician against gay marriage.”

    You would have a point EXCEPT for the fact that just a few months earlier both Mary and her Wife donated money and endorsed the Romney campaign. Interesting that she had no trouble endorsing an anti-gay campaign and yet just a few months later attacks a family member for being anti-gay……right when that family member is trying to win a job and is being attacked for not being anti-gay enough.

    Yeah, right.

  • jwrappaport

    Since when did Mary have a problem supporting openly homophobic candidates?

  • RSun

    @Cam: TOTALLY agree. I have no sympathy for any of them.

  • Harley

    That is exactly the motus operandi of the Republican Party. Mary Chaney is on the top of that heep of sh#t. Mary Chaney marries her same sex partner AND works to deny that right to others. REPUBLICAN at the core. Can anyone spell HIPPOCRIT! At least Liz is honest about her opinion, even tho she is on the wrong side of history. Mary and Heather can take their manufactured outrage and go eat with the Palin family for Christmas.

  • ho


    You dumb fuck.
    Let’s go quail hunting. I got my shotgun loaded.

    Your “bud”,
    Harry Whittington

  • Spike

    Born a lesbian and the daughter of Dick Cheney.

    That’s some pretty fucked up karma.

  • tricky ricky

    interesting how straight liz turned out to be dicks’s surrogate son and not lesbian mary.

  • tricky ricky

    @Spike: mom lynn used to put lesbian characters in her trashy novels

  • Kangol

    A pox on all of them, Mary, Liz, Lynne, the vile war criminal daddy, the wife Heather, all these horrid people!

    Oh, and Mary, you usually seem quite happy to support and donate money to h0mophobes, yet you benefit from the struggles of brave LGBT people who fight for the rights and equality of homophobe supporters like you and your family.

    You really are the worst, though your mother, who is offended by the term “lesbian,” your sister, and your war criminal daddy are just as bad in their own ways!

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