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Did Betty White Just Accidentally Out Cary Grant?

Betty White has spent eighty years on television, and that’s a whole lot of years in the biz to collect trade secrets and industry gossip. Like the one about Cary Grant being a ‘mo, which she accidentally revealed.

Chatting with the red-haired flame of The Joy Behar Show, White inevitably found herself discussing That Newsweek Article. And closeted gay Hollywood stars. Like Rock Hudson. And … Cary Grant? The blog Tabloid Prodigy caught the slip up.

BEHAR: But when it comes to a man, all those year, I don`t know that Rock Hudson, he was the heart throb. Let`s say he was out and everybody knew he was a homosexual, I`m not sure he would have had the career. That`s what the point of this article was.

WHITE: Actually it was his dear friend, his beloved friend Doris Day who inadvertently outed him. She invited him to a show she was doing up in Cacarmel (ph). So by then he had AIDS. So the minute he came on camera, then everybody knew. And Doris just couldn`t believe that she had been — you know, a party to that. But Rock was – was — everybody kind of knew his situation, but it didn`t seem to hold back his career.

BEHAR: No, no but –

WHITE: Cary Grant, the same thing.

BEHAR: Oh he was gay, too?

WHITE: Oh, I don`t know.

BEHAR: Yes, you know something, Betty.

WHITE: No, I don`t know. I never had him — I never had it.

Of course, Behar didn’t let Grant’s alleged romance with Randolph Scott go.