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DOSSIER: The Nazis Finally Win! … Police Trainee Brutalized By 13 …

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• That Danish film Broderskab (“Brotherhood“) about the gay Nazi love affair wins the Rome Film Festival’s Best Picture Award.

• Even if Maine’s “No On 1” ads are effective, they’ll never change minds without face-to-face conversations.

Zachary Quinto impersonates Lily Tomlin, and other fun tales from Saturday’s L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center gala.

• Is British television moving as fast as America’s small screens in gay entertainment?


• Some 13 people suspected of beating British man James Parkes, a trainee constable with a local police unit, nearly to death. The 22-year-old victim remains hospitalized with skull fractures and broken cheek and eye socket bones.

• Perry v. Schwarzenegger’s Judge Vaughn Walker says ProtectMarriage.com must hand over campaign strategy documents immediately. Previously, the group’s counsel Andrew Pugno said such a decision would allow “the losing side of a campaign to pry into the most intimate strategy discussions of the winning side” and “will make any citizen group think twice before attempting a ballot initiative.”

Spring Awakening‘s Tony nominee Jonathan Groff is cuddling up with Hair‘s Gavin Creel. Because Broadway isn’t gay enough.

• If Tokyo’s men wear skirts, are they cross-dressing? On the cusp of fashion? Both?


Neil Patrick Harris is 300 pounds, on TV.

• Gay man testifies before Congress on immigration reform. He then leaves for Indonesia, where he can be arrested for liking men.

• D.C.’s Board of Elections hears lame arguments about how letting voters choose whether to ban same-sex marriage won’t discriminate against gays.

Good As You‘s 13-part assassination of the National Organization for Marriage is a must-read.

• The gay on NBC’s Trauma comes out tonight.

Free transgender makeovers on the streets of Ecuador’s capital.