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‘Drag Race’ winner Tyra Sanchez blasts ‘psychotic,’ racist fans

RuPaul‘s Drag Race season two aired seven years ago if you can believe it, but winner Tyra Sanchez is making headlines ahead of tonight’s season 9 finale for speaking out against some of the show’s fervent fans.

Specifically, the racism she’s encountered as a high-profile member of the Drag Race sorority.

In a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ interview in the RuPaul’s Drag Race Drama sub, Tyra didn’t hold back her feelings.

“[The biggest change is] the fans are psychotic,” she said.

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“White queens are always the favorite. Black queens deserve hateful tweets. Queens should be stoned or tarred and feathered even if they deserved the win. ie.: Nina Bonina Brown or me.”

She was also asked if she thought she’d be received differently for winning a later season rather than the second. “The same. Black,” she said.

A commenter pointed out that Tyra may be trying to have it both ways — she once told fans to “kill yourself” on Twitter. Still, other queens have taken similar missteps and haven’t been vilified to the same degree.

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“I think I’m treated unfairly from the get go,” Tyra said.

“Kill yourself just elevated it more. Yes I believe it has to do with race.”

In a now-deleted follow-up tweet, she wrote: “I have no sympathy for people that commit suicide. They’re cowards. They give up & give in. Stop tweeting me about it.”

Ultimately, she wants fans to remember the fact that the show is just that — a show.

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“Yeah Ru sees everything and she knows you’re just making her show better, but the immature fans can’t see past their damn TV screens,” she said.

Her closing argument is tough to argue with:

“My dick is tucked between my ass cheeks and my balls are in my stomach and you have the nerve to take this that damn serious! Girl sometimes I don’t even wear nails. IT AIN’T THAT SERIOUS.”

Earlier this month, RuPaul urged fans to show Tyra some love in a video Tyra uploaded to Instagram:

She won girl. Get over it.

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  • DCguy

    If Tyra gets hate because she is black, then why isn’t season 1 ‘s winner Bebe saying the same thing? And I think everybody can agree that Bob the Drag queen is definitely one of the favorite winners.

    Tyra was unpleasant during her season. She had immunity which saved her from going home when she should have. She did great runway work, but as a viewer, she came off nasty to the other queens and Ru was accused of ONLY caring about pretty in those days. (Remember, Rebecca from Season 1 stayed WAAAAAY too long and only went home after a lot of fan backlash online, then Bebe won over Nina Flowers and Ru went for the prettier queen over the edgier queen. Either could have won, but pretty did in Season 1.

    Season 2 you had Raven and JuJu also in the top 3. Those two are really active performers and all over the place. Tyra who won, who was supposedly better than them is hard to find. Ru brings back Raven and Ju Ju on the show, and has hired Raven to do her make-up. Ru hasn’t brought Tyra back for anything. Is Ru racist against Tyra?

    Here is an interview with Bebe the season 1 winner and I don’t see her making Tyra’s claims.

  • sfmike64

    Tyra commits the ultimate drag queen sin. She’s boring. Ultimately drag is entertainment, and Tyra isn’t entertaining. She sure is pretty. And that’s about it.

  • am_psi

    He sounds paranoid. Are racist people really going to be tuning into RuPaul’s show anyway?

  • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

    Someone is desperate for attention now that they can’t even get small bookings because word has spread how awful he is to deal with.

  • Rex Huskey

    Isn’t this kinda like the pot calling the kettle black?

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