100916_TriMet_Driver_readingA part-time bus driver in Northern Ireland is in trouble for allegedly getting a teenager drunk then forcing him to perform oral sex.

40-year-old Michael Patrick Doherty has been charged with sexually assaulting the 15-year-old boy over the weekend. According to court documents, the teen was hanging out with a few friends when he went over to Doherty’s ex-girlfriend’s house to borrow a cigarette.

When he got there, Doherty was waiting at the house. The two began doing shots of Jagermeister together. After three or four shots, Doherty’s ex-girlfriend became “concerned” about the teen getting too drunk and he soon left.

Later that evening, Doherty and the teen met up again. The bus driver was described as being “very drunk and acting very aggressive.” He allegedly threatened to rape the 15-year-old, then unzipped his pants, grabbed the kid by the hair, and shoved his penis into the teen’s mouth.

During a police interview, Doherty told authorities he had “no recollection” of the incident. He was released on a £1,000 bail and has been ordered by a judge to relocate to London until December 4, when a trial will begin. He was also ordered to avoid any contact with the teen, to limit his alcohol consumption to only one day per week and to please refrain from sexually assaulting anyone else.

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