DVD: “Bottom,” “A Good Day To Die Hard,” “Out For The Long Run,” And More!


There’s a whole lot of action going on in home entertainment this week, from the things-go-boom variety to the type that spreads a whole lotta STIs.

Of the former, Bruce Willis plays John McClane yet again in action sequel A Good Day To Die Hard, while very much the latter, prolific queer director Todd Verow’s shocking Bottom documents the dangerous, unsafe sex-packed exploits of a promiscuous gay blogger.

Queer high school and college athletes are the subject of the uplifting documentary Out For The Long Run, while a queer teen comes of age in the Blu-ray re-release of 2009’s Dare.

And speaking of Blu-ray re-releases, Mike Leigh’s hysterical Life Is Sweet gets an extras-packed Criterion Collection edition.