Elizabeth Warren Shouts Down Obama’s Slow Evolution On Marriage Equality

The two candidates in the 2012 Massachusetts Senate race could not be more divided on marriage equality.

While Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) has “moved on” from the issue, saying the issue is “settled” in his state despite his anti-gay stance, his Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren is lashing out at her party’s leader, Mr. Barack Obama.

Warren called on the president to finish his 17-month evolution on marriage equality, telling the Washington Blade, “I want to see the president evolve because I believe that is right; marriage equality is morally right.”

That’s a position that most lockstep Democrats are afraid to take, at least vocally. Even fierce gay-marriage advocate Martin O’Malley, the Maryland governor who just passed the issue in his state, stammered and sputtered when pushed about his opinion on Obama’s evolution.

Warren supports the cause in more than just her outspokenness; she’s also buddy-buddy with out Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), who is running for the open Senate seat in Wisconsin. If she wins, she’d become the country’s first openly gay U.S. senator. Writes the Blade:

The two have set up a joint fundraising group called the Massachusetts-Wisconsin Victory Fund, which thus far has raised $171,250, and have appeared together in a joint fundraiser in Philadelphia hosted by donor Peter Buttenwieser.

“I was delighted to do the event with Tammy,” Warren said. “We actually did a second [event] together. We were out in San Francisco with other women senators and women challengers. And I hope we’ll have more opportunities to do that. I’d really love to see Tammy get elected. I worked with Tammy before, so I’m a big fan.”

What an ally!

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  • Mark

    If Warren is “lashing out” at Obama you can promise she got permission first. Maybe even was told to do it. Politics, baby. Last I saw she was disturbingly to the Democrat Party in Massachusetts running behind Brown in the majority of polling, even with Massachusetts Democrat men. They may have figured unfortunately they have nominated another Martha Coakley. The truth is a male liberal Democrat Senate candidate in Massachusetts might not be having the trouble she seems to be having.

  • Zach

    I fail to see how the two candidates “could not be more divided”… one doesn’t care much and one is full steam ahead.

    In fact, they could be more divided… with one working to undo marriage equality.

  • PS

    It would be GREAT if more Democrats started calling Obama out on his slow evolving. Instead of playing politics and playing it safe… STAND UP FOR FULL EQUALITY. Everything else means gays and lesbians are second class citizens.

    Increased pressure is needed on Democratic Senators and Representatives. More pressure is needed on Obama. The road to equality has moved a few inches. But… we have a long ways to go.

  • Chad

    Obama’s lack of a stance of full equality, I’m sure, is to help get reelected. I think once he wins reelection, we will see him doing more. Sadly it’s politics. If he played the equality to everyone card he would loose a lot of supporters. But once elected to his second term he can do what he needs to.

  • Sabatghzl1098

    @Mark: Martha Coakley was and is a sick, twisted bitch. Elizabeth Warren is much better.

  • Alexa

    I love Elizabeth Warren. I sometimes wish I lived in Boston so I could vote for her.

    @Mark: you are an idiot.

  • Mark

    Well fuck you back Alexa. See why some of these female candidates have problems even within the same party? They remind voters of their nagging ex wives or bitch ex-partners.

  • Alexa

    @Mark: Thanks for proving my point.

  • azalea_k

    Glad to be able to vote for Warren. Anyway the latest poll shows her ahead, a far cry from her standing last year.

  • KJM1968

    Can’t wait to cast my vote for Elizabeth, but I don’t think she can beat the cosmo pin up boy.

  • Michael

    Elizabeth Warren is awesome! In an age where it seems that Democrats in general are afraid to stand up for certain issues for fear of seeming too liberal (as if liberal were a bad thing), she is one of the few figures willing to fight for the American people without putting up with political bs. I was saddened when she wasn’t picked to be the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but am hopeful that she’ll win this race and become a rallying figure for the Left on many issues aside from finance reform. Calling Obama out on this issue is a great example of her willingness to do what is right, even if it isn’t popular. Warren 2012!

  • doomsday1038

    To bad all the polls say shes going to lose, calling out Obama is stupid if you can’t win.

  • the crustybastard

    @Chad: If he played the equality to everyone card he would loose [sic] a lot of supporters.

    If Obama scandalously embraced [OMFG!] equality lots of his fans would rush to the waiting arms of the Republican Party? Oh sure.

    Your grasp of politics and human nature is keen indeed.

    Equality isn’t radical. Stop acting like it is.

    You’re not helping.

  • ken

    Come the Democrats pandering for or votes and $$. They don’t really give a sh!t about us.

  • jeff4justice

    The Green, Peace & Freedom, and Libertarian parties already support marriage equality.

    Voting for a Democrat is a bit like being opposed to marriage equality and preferring to settle for civil unions/domestic partnerships becuase of fear of the marriage push backlash.

  • jonjon

    I think Elizabeth Warren is brilliant and would do really well in more pro-socialism countries like Canada or Britain. Unfortunately she’s probably too “left-of-centre” for American palates, but even so she serves an important function as the voice who will call out other people’s bullshit, even if she probably won’t be in the highest position herself.
    Remember this amazing quote of hers? front.moveon.org/the-elizabeth-warren-quote-every-american-needs-to-see/

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