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  • AndrewW

    I thought they were guilty of “giving a fuck.”

    It doesn’t matter. This mostly unnoticed publicity stunt didn’t change anything. Demands without a threat of recourse are useless. Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to do anything because 4 people acted like children.

    To those that have romanticized activism and want to engage in these stunts, ask yourself whether or not they change any minds or votes about us. This isn’t helping us if it doesn’t inspire people to stand with us and support our equality.

    Complaining is not an effective strategy.

    Please think of something else. Something effective.

  • Justan

    Andrew, you are absolutely wrong. And what have you done for equality lately?

  • AndrewW

    @Justan: How about you tell us what this childish stunt accomplished.

  • Kieran

    Why do I get the feeling this protest would have gotten a lot more attention in the lamestream newsmedia if they’d been arrested in Newt Gingrich’s or Trent Lott’s office?

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