Officer And A Gentleman

Entertainer Steve Grand Accepts U.S. Marine Tanner White’s Invitation To The Marine Corps Ball

o-STEVE-GRAND-facebook-360x239Servicemen and women posting videos where they ask a celebrity to be their date to the Marine Corps Ball is becoming just as much of an annual tradition as the event itself. With November only a few months away, the requests are starting to pop up on YouTube.

U.S. Marine Tanner White asked Steve Grand to accompany him to this year’s Marine Corps Ball in a video posted online earlier in the week.

Grand posted his response video earlier today and happily said yes.

Watch Grand’s acceptance below:

Here is Tanner’s video. He has dubbed himself “your favorite positive marine” and set up his YouTube channel to help reduce the stigma of HIV by sharing his experience and knowledge about HIV.

An officer and a gentleman. Have a great time, boys!