Office romance

Everybody’s doing it: Study finds a whole lot of people are having sex at work

This just in: Americans are having a lot of sex at work.

OK, OK. Maybe not a lot. But a very fair amount.

A new study finds that 14% of Americans have done the hanky panky at the office. 2000 men and women participated in the study, which was conducted by EdenFantasys.

And they don’t always get away with it either. Of the 14%, 1 in 5 say they were caught in the act.

But that’s not all the study uncovered.

10% of respondents said they’ve had sex with their boss. And 33% of that 10% say they did so in hopes of getting a promotion.

Unfortunately, their plans didn’t always work out. 17% respondents, or 1 in 5, said they eventually lost their jobs.

“For many, work is a very stressful environment and sex can be a great stress relief,” Fred Petrenko at EdenFantasys says. “We recommend spicing things up with a good sex toy instead.”