Everyone is dumbfounded by GOP Gov. Brian Kemp’s latest idiotic statement

Republican Georgia governor Brian Kemp may have fallen out of favor with Donald Trump, but they seem to agree on at least one thing: There is a vaccine for AIDS. (To be clear: There is not.)

Last year, Trump praised “brilliant” American scientists and doctors for the AIDS vaccine… that doesn’t exist. Now Kemp is also talking about the vaccine, the one for AIDS… that doesn’t exist.

Defending his opposition to Covid-19 mask and vaccine mandates on a right-wing podcast, Kemp made a ridiculous comparison.

“We should focus on being civil and educating people about the [Covid vaccine] and not trying to bully them into taking it and work at it that way,” he told right-wing podcast host Erick Erickson.

“[The Covid vaccine] is basically how the AIDS vaccine worked. People wouldn’t take it early on because it was mandated, they started educating people and now it is doing a lot of good out there. Same scenario, different year that we are dealing with right now.”

Salon reports Kemp has used this argument before. “Well we are not going to have a statewide mask mandate,” he said previously. “[Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health Dr. Kathleen] Tumi and I believe that they do not work. They did not work with the AIDS vaccine and they’re not going to work with the corona vaccine.”

According to Kemp’s representatives, the governor meant to say HPV, not AIDS. Both times?! Even if that were true, there are no state-wide HPV vaccine mandates for all residents. A small handful of states require it for students.

Only 44% of Georgia residents are fully vaccinated against Covid.

Understandably, the comments drew criticism on Twitter. Here’s what folks are saying: