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Everyone’s convinced Meghan McCain’s hair and makeup stylist secretly hates her

A lot has been said about Meghan McCain‘s hair and makeup lately, and hardly any of it has been good.

The View co-host has been widely ridiculed on social media for her, ahem, question style choices. Here’s just some of what people have been saying…

McCain eventually responded to the criticism late last week in a snarky tweet, writing, “People have a lot to say about me in general but in regards to my hair and makeup… I’m just having fun switching up, playing around and experimenting. It’s covid and I just had a baby, let a bitch live!”

Though she tried to make light of situation (and, yes, it is definitely a situation), it’s clear the 36-year-old is more bothered by the criticism than she’s letting on because today she tweeted a tabloid article and a shoutout to her hair and makeup person, Carmen Currie.

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Thank you ⁦@carmen_currie⁩ for your amazing work and vision!” she wrote. “And for bringing me back to life after having a baby! It’s a privilege to work with you.”

The tweet included a link to an “exclusive interview” Currie gave to the beauty blog HollywoodLife about Meghan’s “fun” looks.

Now, it’s pretty obvious what happened here.

Upset over the criticism, Meghan had her publicist pull a few strings to get someone, anyone, to write a complimentary puff piece about her. The publicist did their best and landed a feature on HollywoodLife.

The article uses adjectives like “stunning,” “buzzworthy,” “incredible,” and “creative” to describe McCain’s looks, saying that she has “rocked them all.” It only briefly mentions “some online shade from her haters,” but remains vague about it.

Unfortunately, the writeup only appears to have drawn more negative attention to McCain’s hair and make up choices.

Here’s how folx responded her tweet from today…

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