Everyone’s creeped out by Ivanka’s tweet about going to the Midwest to buy cheap crap made in China

The Trump campaign has made it clear that they’re pushing hard to win the state of Minnesota in November after losing it by just one point to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Yesterday, both Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump visited the North Star State in hopes of courting new voters.

During her visit, Ivanka popped into Fleet Farm, a regional chain of discount department stores (sorta like a Midwestern version of Walmart but with slightly emphasis on outdoor supplies), for a photo op to do a little shopping for her kiddos.

Clad in her designer shoes, designer coat, and a cheetah print face mask, the first daughter perused the empty aisles of goods made in China. Afterwards, she posted a picture of her everyman shopping excursion to Twitter, along with the caption, “When in the Midwest!” and an emoji of a John Deere tractor to make sure she hit on every possible Midwestern stereotype.

Generally speaking, when staging a photo op trying to appeal to voters in a certain region, it’s usually a good idea to include at least one or two actual people who live in that region so it doesn’t look like they all dispersed the moment they saw you step in through the sliding glass doors.

Whatever Ivanka was hoping to accomplish with the stunt, she clearly wasn’t successful because nobody on Twitter seems to be buying what she’s selling.

Early voting is already underway in Minnesota. Five separate polls find Biden leading Trump in the state by an average of 9 points. His biggest advantage is a 16-point lead in the ABC News/Washington Post poll released last week.

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