Why, exactly, is #PrinceOfPegging trending on Twitter? Prepare to be royally surprised.

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Amidst chatter about the NC-17 Marilyn Monroe biopic and Andrew Yang’s flop of a political party, a certain hashtag has risen above the chaff of trending topics today that’s got Twitter in a tizzy.

There are hundreds—if not thousands—of tweets using “#PrinceOfPegging,” a phrase that’s certainly piqued our interest. But why? Is it about an adult film star achieving a certain career milestone? Or, perhaps someone’s just really good at those wooden logic games you find at Cracker Barrel?

As it turns out, the trending topic isn’t based on an anything at all—well, anything factual at least.

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It all started when modern-day gossip rag Deuxmoi posted a salacious and completely unfounded rumor to their Instagram story, as they so often do. The anonymous, user-submitted “tip” about an alleged royal affair has made its way to Twitter, where it has inspired the hashtag that users are now having a field day with.

It’s at this point that we want to make clear: Deuxmoi is in no way a legitimate source—nothing posted to or shared by the brand account should be taken as fact. As has been widely reported, the undisclosed person or persons behind the account do not put in any effort to verify the blind items they’re sent. These dubious methods have spurred countless think pieces over the past few years and, in today’s case, an eye-catching trending topic.

For reference, Twitter user @dazzlegal has posted a screenshot of the rumor, which claims that a certain British royal has been having an extramarital affair because they have a “love of pegging,” which their partner is supposedly “too old-fashioned” for.

Now, you can fill in the blanks here as you like—@dazzlegal and the rest of the internet certainly has—but, again, there is no validity to any of this. It’s all just hearsay at the moment.

But we couldn’t resist looking into the trending topic; we had to know why everyone was talking about such a stately title for strap-on sex. Not since that one Broad City episode has pegging been so widely discussed by the mainstream. (Thank you, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, for being the trailblazers that you are.)


So, if you happened to notice that your entire timeline is talking about pegging today, now you know why.

Speaking of, Twitter is rife with reactions to the trending topic, with users making cracks about the rumors and even just sharing their surprise at seeing the hashtag for the first time. Here’s a round-up of just a few of our favorite tweets exalting our distinguished #PrinceOfPegging:

The hashtag and the rumors have become so widespread that even the airlines are weighing in. What a time to be alive.

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