Comedian Kathy Griffin had a question.

“Gays, mommy has a question,” she tweeted. “Are there Qanon gays? If so, what’s their deal?”

And just like that the My Life on the D-List star opened up a can of worms, with commenters airing their grievances over the LGBTQ folks in their lives who have fallen down the QAnon rabbit hole and can’t seem to get out.

“Yes,” wrote one woman. “My white gay friend. weird as fuck. I’m slowly phasing him out of my life. It’s hard. We have been friends since we were like 13.”

Her experience turned out to be something of a theme.

“I cut ties with a white gay friend recently,” chimed in another commenter. “He had become a complete MAGAt, now is anti-mask and thinks Covid is a massive government hoax. He graduated from a top university but has managed to get brainwashed against his own interests. I don’t understand.”

“It’s so much more widespread than we’re acknowledging now,” Griffin replied.

The stories didn’t stop there.

“Omg yes. I had dinner yesterday with my best friend and her friend came over her house and he is. I live in the DMV and they are all boaters. They believe Jan 6th was antifa and say Trump has done so much for our community. I got up and left. I came home I was so disgusted,” wrote another Twitter user.

Author Nellie Oleson added her experience:

“Ugh. Yes. Met a few. White, male, sort of semi posh, upper middle class, ‘I’ve got mine jack!, to hell with everyone else’ mentality. A lot of libertarian, Ayn Rand types.
Also, lots of left wing people are joining Q. ‘Alternative thinking’, woo-woo folks.”

But the most illuminating response came in the form of a commenter resurfacing a thread from January. “Read this super interesting thread about exactly this type of phenomenon. (I had no idea.),” they wrote.

Here it is:


Kathy asked, and clearly got her answer.

“What a thread,” she responded. “Spells it all out.”

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