For His Next Trick, Kerry Rhodes Will Prove He’s Straight By Touching A Woman

kerry-rhodes-gayKerry Rhodes is really straight, you guys. Stop playing around.

The NFL free agent (actor/model and philanthropist, according to Twitter) announced that he could possibly be the father of Kim Kardashian’s baby earlier this week in an attempt to cover up an alleged gay affair with his former assistant. He insists these steamy beach photos with his ex-beau are totally platonic, and even told TMZ he was “not gay.”

So “not gay,” in fact, that he was “f*cking her [Kim Kardashian] the same time as K.West was lol!!!” he told friends that totally know he’s gay in a text message.

1017064_409187915860657_936336801_nWe just learned that earlier this week, Rhodes attempted to make another very large statement via Twitter by posting a photo (right) of his super masc, totally heterosexual hand grasping that of a presumably female suitor’s, captioned “No caption. just real.”

Nothing in this world says love like an Insta-fied polaroid of your dainty lover caressing your giant, manly hand. The only question now is “Who is this woman?” His best friend? His life coach? The woman who was getting out of this cab just as he was getting in?

Whoever she is, we hope she’s into passionate tops.

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  • Kangol

    Yep, a random photo is very convincing just tired and pathetic, Kerry Rhodes.

    Chile, just come out the damned closet at this point. Your ex already outed you. So take a few more steps and stop fronting.

  • Dionte

    Pathetic indeed.

  • Teleny

    This man has no courage.

  • Tackle

    I’m gonna be a little more understanding here and will not describe Kerry as being Pathetic and having no courage. I can really understand how difficult the process of coming out came be. Espically if one has a religious background. Funny how it took Jason Collins
    and Robbie Rogers years and years to come out, now both are being hailed as heros, and being called courageous. They never came out in 1-2-3 or even 5yrs after becoming fully aware of their sexuality. Everyone is different and should come out at their own time. It’s their life, not ours. And should not feel pressured by bullies. Internet or otherwise…

  • Scribe38

    @QUEERTY grow the F up! Throwing a rainbow flag over the guy isn’t helping anything. Leave the dude alone already. You guys are being the bullies you should be working against. Remember when you were in High School with dudes calling you queer and picking on you? Did it feel good? Hold on to that feeling and stop doing the same damn thing. This guy hasn’t said anything anti-gay. He isn’t some GOP a//hole working against gay rights. There is no reason to support outing HIM. GROW UP AND STOP THIS S*%T!

  • Kieran

    Let this be a warning to all the male athletes out there….Don’t dare jokingly pick up and carry another man or you will be assumed gay. No self-respecting Twenty-first century heterosexual male is supposed to touch another male!! No homo! PS. Knock off the male ass slapping stuff on the field. That looks gay too.

  • iluvcakes


    I agree.. Scribe38. He very well could be hetrosexual for all we know.. I’d love him not to be thats for sure cuz he is sexy as hell but if having a gay assistant is the only evidence, its really weak sauce to sit there and make him feel like he is faking.. He could be gay friendly and here we are poking him with a stick.

  • Merv

    Wow, some people here are in denial. The guy is clearly gay. Just go watch the videos released by his assistant. There’s nothing sexually explicit, but Kerry was clearly in love with him.

    Now, I don’t believe in outing someone against his will, but Kerry has already been outed. Denying you are gay after being outed is pathetic. If you don’t want to acknowledge it then it’s perfectly fine to say nothing. But he’s not doing that.

  • Scribe38

    @Merv: Hounding the man does nothing except make our community look very small. His assistant was a fame-seeking-reality-star-want-to-be. Maybe they were, maybe they were not involved. “Hollywood” had no class and if there were text messages or letters like there would have been if they were together, he would have posted them. Either way, the NFL guy hasn’t done anything wrong. If he was involve with “Hollywood”, but also likes women, what is wrong with the picture? There is such a thing as bisexual men. But maybe you are right, I mean it isn’t like people have killed themselves for being outed and bullied, WAIT NO, IT HAS HAPPENED. QUEERTY NEEDS TO BACK THE F OFF ON THIS BAD BEHAVIOR.

  • Frankj

    Give Mr. Rhodes a break and get off this story. I think he has enough
    anxiety already. Be humane about this and some him some consideration.

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