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Former ‘Scream Queen’ Glen Powell’s thirst traps with his new puppy will leave you weak

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WARNING: The photos included in this post are not for the faint of heart. In fact, it would be reckless of us to proceed any further without recommending you take a seat and have a big glass of water handy before scrolling because you may pass out from thirst.

Okay, deep breath…

Glen Powell. If you know of him already, chances are, you love him.

The 34-year old Austin, TX born actor first popped up on a lot of gays’ radars when he played über-bro Chad Radwell on Ryan Murphy‘s gone-to-soon horror-comedy Scream Queens, which included an unforgettable steamy shower scene with John Stamos in season two.

Since then, Powell’s charmed audiences with roles in Richard Linklater’s good-natured college comedy Everybody Wants Some!!, as American astronaut hero John Glenn in Hidden Figures, as a lead in Netflix‘s surprisingly great rom-com Set It Off, or as one many pieces of eye candy in last year’s blockbuster sequel Top Gun: Maverick.

A versatile actor with comedic chops and leading man looks—not to mention that radiant smile!—Powell’s basically a human Golden Retriever (which we of course mean in a good way). So it makes perfect sense that he’d get a dog of his own.

Earlier this summer, Powell introduced the world to his adorable new puppy named Brisket, joking the rescued pup was “1.5 pounds of raw power” and hired on as his personal bodyguard.

We’ll give you a moment to collect yourself…

There, all better?

As if this man wasn’t hot enough already, becoming a dog dad has sent him off the charts! The pair are just irresistibly cute together and, frankly, we could use a whole lot more of Powell and Brisket in our lives.

Luckily, our prayers have been answered: Powell actually has a full Instagram account dedicated to his pup now—with the perfect handle @hotbrisket.

Image Credit: Instagram, @hotbrisket

Now, don’t get us wrong, the Brisket pics are enough to make us swoon. But as Twitter/X user @thethirdhan has pointed out (and we are so grateful!), quite a few of these shots are basically “nonchalant thirst traps” of Powell.

And, honey, let us tell you: We are sufficiently trapped! This man. This dog. It’s all too much.

Here, we’ll share a few more of these at full size. Now don’t say we never do anything nice for you!

Look, it’s Friday—it’s been a long week. We needed this. No, we deserved this.

You better believe we followed @hotbrisket so that we can stay up to date on all of Brisket and Powell’s selfies.

As for the actor himself, well, we’re sure staying up to date on everything he has in store, too. He’s poised to have another big moment after his dark comedy Hit Man (which reunited him with director Richard Linklater) was met with rave reviews at its Venice Film Festival premiere this month.

He’s also appearing in the rom-com Anyone But You opposite Euphoria It Girl Sydney Sweeney. It’s in theory due out later this year with no release date announced yet, but the internet’s already devoured every behind-the-scenes shots of the hot stars getting close on set.

Oh, and there’s the upcoming Twister prequel named… wait for it… Twisters, where he joins a cast of up-and-coming names trying to outrun Mother Nature.

But until further notice, we’re pretty confident in saying his best role is Dog Dad.

And, hey, if you’re not a dog person, don’t worry: Powell also takes nonchalant thirst traps with koalas, too.