Gay Activist Speaks At Trump Rally Same Day As Trump’s Antigay Appearance

gay trump speaker
Randy Ross speaks at a Trump Rally in Florida. Via YouTube.

On the same day Donald Trump spoke to a group of antigay evangelicals in Orlando, on the two month anniversary of the shooting at LGBTQ nightclub Pulse, Randy Ross, a gay man who once ran for mayor of Orlando, spoke at a Trump rally in Kissimmee, about 20 miles South of there.

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Ross called himself a “50-year-old man who is a Republican, that happens to be gay. Who is an American, and I will not go back in the closet, because I am supporting Donald J. Trump for President.”

Ross, who was a registered Democrat until last year, said he supports Trump’s stand on immigration, reducing the debt and on trade policies.

“I prefer a president who isn’t politically correct as opposed to one who lies and panders to the communities and minorities she truly doesn’t represent,” he said. “The LGBT community needs to be reminded, it was Bill Clinton that signed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And it was long ago, Hillary Clinton made it clear she believed marriage was between a man and a woman, now she says she supports same-sex marriage. She will say anything to get elected.”

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Trump still does not support same-sex marriage, criticizing the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage. He has also spoken in support of so-called “religious freedom restoration acts” (RFRAs), and his team of evangelical advisers includes Michelle Bachmann, who voted against the repeal of DADT.

Ross also criticized Clinton for taking “money from the countries of people that behead gay people,” and criticized President Obama for pushing for increased gun control after the shooting in Orlando and for not saying the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” Ross reported that he lives one mile away from Pulse.

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Trump also has financial ties to the countries Ross referenced, including licensing his name to a golf club in Dubai and leasing his New York estate to Moammar Gaddafi.

Watch Ross’ remarks in the video below.