Food fight

These gay adult film stars are having a lover’s quarrel on Twitter over… a burrito

In the red corner, gay adult film star Damien Kyle — who is currently embroiled in a positively ridiculous fight with his boyfriend Paul Cannon about a burrito.

And in the blue corner, his boyfriend/colleague Paul Canon.

Then, things got very dramatic indeed:

We predict that, like pretty much every food fight, this will soon culminate in passionate vengeance sex on the kitchen table.

h/t Str8upgayporn (NSFW)

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  • THAT Steve

    So pornstars are human too and can get into silly fights as well? I thought this was silly and funny and now I’m off to start following Paul on Twitter!

    • ChrisK

      Sexy boys as well. If they need someone to hate f*ck I’m here for them.

    • Donston

      Eh, Paul has some sex appeal. Other other one looks and sounds like trailer trash and is a hit it and quit prospect only.

  • Donston

    It’s funny unless you know that they’ve both said racist things, are druggies, have scammed people, are constantly arguing with other people and performers on social media and have been constantly fighting each other on social media for a couple years now.

    Paul Cannon is a goofy-cute guy and a solid performer (though he peaked some time ago). And they’re both still young enough to get their stuff together. But they’re both headcases.

    Finally, can we stop referring to these people as “porn stars” and “adult film stars” and gassing them up? There are hardly any “porn films” being made any longer. Almost every attention-desperate/kook-y in the head, decent looking person does porn now. And ultimately, these are merely people who have sex on camera for money. They’re not “stars”.

    • MacAdvisor

      A “star” is, by definition, someone whose name appears above the title. Thus, on a marquee, the persons name would be above the name of the show. In a video, the person’s name would appear on screen prior to the title. Thus, if the title are “Paul Canon in Big Burrito,” Paul would be a star. If the titles were “Big Burrito staring Paul Cannon,” Paul is not a star, but the lead (even if that is how he is credited) or marquee player.

    • Donston

      Mmmhmm. ‘kay.

    • Tête Carrée

      What part makes it not funny?

  • tham

    Drug induced fights are both quite funny and quite sad….

  • Corey

    Bless their heart. It must suck being in a relationship and having it fall to pieces over skirt steak.

    • Tête Carrée

      He should have stuffed the burrito with tube steak.


    How unlike the home life of our own dear Queen

  • Donston

    Also, Paul Canon is the same dude who went on a two month tirade saying he was straight and gay4pay and then quickly afterwards came out as gay and filmed himself telling his family about his orientation and his porn career. The issues are strong with that one. But he is goofy-cute and a solid performer. Wish he would work for better porn sites though. is trash.

  • frickeepoo

    The guy was stupid to have publicly proclaimed his preferences, and those preferences are rooted in racism, but except for the use of the term ‘colored people,’ I don’t find what he actually said to be all that offensive, really. We all have sexual preferences, and for some racial characteristics play a role; so what? It’s not like the guy’s denying someone employment because of their race. Oh, wait. This guy’s business is porn, isn’t it? So, er….Never mind.

    • Donston

      His boyfriend was the one who said the unabashedly racist stuff but Paul Canon co-signed and then followed up with saying he’s not attracted to “colored people”. If you’re willing to date an overt racist and refer to individuals as “colored” then that goes beyond revealing mere “preferences”. Never mind that “Paul Canon” has had sex with black guys on camera and has admitted to having sex with “colored people” when money wasn’t involved. In fact, I believe they got into another online argument when he revealed that.

      As I said, they’re both twisted-up headcases like the majority of the “adult industry”.

    • ChrisK

      I didn’t think saying “colored people” was racist. Weird and old fashioned yes. Seems something my late grandma would say.

    • Donston

      Please don’t try to defend racism. If you read what Damien said there’s nothing ambiguous about it. It was aggressively racist drivel. I don’t believe Paul has the same mindset as his boyfriend. But he did come to his defense and used the term “colored people” while doing so. So, at the very least Damien is a racist and Paul is a racist apologist who dates a racist.


    I can honestly say I know not the name of even one pornographic artiste that hasn’t first been posted somewhere like this as having died typically under less than salubrious circumstances. Can I claim this as my life’s greatest achievement I wonder?

    • Donston

      Before five years ago “Jeff Palmer” was the only one I knew by name. But it’s pretty hard to ignore considering how consistently “gay media” talks about these guys and the advent of social media.

    • ChrisK

      Jeff comes from the late 90s-2000 era I believe. Probably on the same page as you on that. I know allot of the names of the porn stars around then. They were stars simply because their weren’t as many and they were promoted as such. Today no clue. If you’ve got a cellphone you can do it.

    • Donston

      Jeff Palmer was the first porn performer who stood out to me and the first guy I used to look up videos of when I was 13/14 and first started watching gay porn. I think that’s because he seemed like he genuinely enjoyed sex with men, seemed to have genuine sexual attraction to men, stayed dick-hard throughout his scenes, knew how to top and bottom and was an overall very good performer. Those qualities were rare in gay porn then and from what I can tell are still rare now.

      I only knew Paul Canon by name after his coming out to his family got a decent amount of gay media attention.

  • Juanjo

    So I see a couple of old queens are here revealing that they are far too obsessed with a couple of young men they neither know nor re ever likely to know. especially since both of these young men are young enough to be their grandsons.

    • Kieran

      Whoomp, there it is!

    • Tête Carrée

      Thank you for your comment.

      (you old Queen)

    • Donston

      Thankfully, this doesn’t include my 29 year old ass.

    • Juanjo

      Ah, Miss Donston, this most definitely includes your allegedly 29 year old ass. Because ass is the defining term there. It describes your obsessive snark to a perfect tee.

    • Donston

      Turned 29 June 17th. Been happily married for 2 years. Pretty much a stay-at-home dad right now, which is why I have a few hours a day to counterpoint most of those site’s and its comments’ nonsense and lack of knowing.

      There’s nothing snarky about me unless it’s really called for. Arrogant and redundant Absolutely. I’m always honest, direct and nuanced, which is bothersome to some I suppose. I also suppose it would be especially bothersome lonely “old queens” (a term I loathe but you used it first) who live in la-la land mentally and come here to merely indulge the la-la.

    • Juanjo

      Miss Donston – photographic proof or it didn’t happen. Of course all your drivel ignores the fact that you launched into an obsessive rant in 8 parts all attacking both of these young men for their perceived [in your eyes] faults. So regardless of your actual age which may be 29 or may be 79, the fact is you are a bitter old queen who is obsessed with two young men who according to you are not worthy of any attention.

    • Juanjo

      Tete Carrée – I freely admit to being an old queen, well into my 60’s and looking 70 directly in the face. I had a lot of fun getting here and a lot of my friends didn’t make it. But be that as it might be, I am not obsessed with a couple of 20 something kids who do porn. Like some people here I might mention.

    • frickeepoo

      Whoomp, there what is? Since when is knowing someone any criteria for having an opinion about what they say, oh Queen of the non-sequitur?

    • Xzamilloh

      So then why are you here? Are you monitoring the old queens posting on here? It never ceases to amaze me how so many of you act so holier than thou on here when you’re on the same site, wasting the same time, commenting on the same articles as everyone else here, but sneering as though you have some moral high ground. Juanjo, when you’re taking your Centrum Silver, pop a chill pill while you’re at it and calm your snobbish ass down.

  • Daws

    The fighting is whatever, it’s that they’re so full of themselves that they’re doing it on social media. So gross.

  • CanadianGuy62

    It was amusing to read a guy calling out someone for not using spellcheck a mere 14 minutes after misspelling steak in a previous tweet. I love irony. ?

    • Tête Carrée

      It’s amusing to use double terminal punctuation marks. It keeps them guessing. Does he or doesn’t he?

  • Keebler ILF

    Wow, where should I start?
    Damien should just shut up and give his man Paul whatever he wants, however he wants it. I say that because the last time they broke up, Damien seemed to be crying his eyes out and depressed every day they were apart.

    I’m not quite ready to label them racist. There was a time I didn’t want to have sex with Middle Eastern men. Now I’m very attracted to them. There have been guys who didn’t want to have sex with my race until they met me. Besides, Damien can’t be totally racist if he spends a lot of time downloading rap music.

    Does anyone else think Paul Canon looks like a younger Jon Bon Jovi?

    • Donston

      Damien didn’t just say he wasn’t attracted to black men. He used derogatory language, hyped up thug stereotypes and was very condescending when talking about them. Downloading rap music does not absolve you from a racist viewpoint. Hell, there are white people who sleep with and date black people and they’re are racist. Both of them, especially Damien, have said a lot of hateful things on their social media and have scammed people and are unabashed drug users. I’ve just glanced at their social media and was able to decipher that. Never mind that whenever gay media pays attention to them it’s always because of some drama.

      I understand thinking they’re hot (I still have somewhat of a hard-on for Paul Canon) but don’t excuse hate and crazy because of your dick.

  • DCguy

    IT’s funny when people are so narcissistic that they think their personal drama is in any way interesting.

    Eat the burrito, don’t eat the burrito, who gives a shit.?

  • hwc2016

    I watch more porn than i should & i have no clue who either of them are. Porn models kill me, they do 1 porno in a Motel 6 & now they are a porn star. When you a “star” everyone should be able to realize you, not just the one or two who saw your video.

  • Nahald

    If they get into an argument over a burrito, I cannot see them lasting as a couple.

  • Geeker

    I love it when porn performers try to pass themselves off as healthy and well adjusted, when everyone knows that except for a couple of rare individuals, they’re all huge messes like these two.

  • He BGB

    What show is that Sandra Ho scene at the end from?

  • DCguy

    Maybe the saddest part of this is the tiny number of “Likes” these guys have. I’ve seen tweets from somebody about their grandkids that get triple the number of likes these two “Stars” got.

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