Gay Adventurer Duo


It’s still early and we suspect you’re not quite awake. We certainly aren’t, so let’s ease into all this faggotry and the such, shall we?

As you may know, The Amazing Race – the global competition that gave us Reichen and good ol’ what’s his name (no, seriously, what’s his name?) – has hopped back on the gay boat with a pair of alliterative lovers, Tom and Terry (pictured). The happy couple have been together for over years and, as far as we know, plan on kicking some ass.

Here’s a little clip from the introduction to the AfterElton interview:

On camera, the cheerful duo exudes what may be considered typical “dating couple” frivolities. They are at times outwardly feisty and at other times preoccupied with discussing their “relationship”. At times they even enjoy bickering with each other as a kind of entertainment for anyone watching.

We should hope so, because those cameras will be up in your face like whoa. Get used to entertaining middle America with your squabbling.

If this isn’t enough for you, follow that there link and check it out. Again, it’s early…