“Gay” Priest Out

Poor Father Arthur Mallinson.

The long-time Catholic priest resigned from his Dallas-area post yesterday as rumors swirled about his sexuality. Mallinson had moved to St. Michael’s in McKinney just weeks ago and immediately found himself the subject of speculation after it was revealed he once contributed to a site for gay priests.

Father Mallinson’s involvement with the site, which is defunct, briefly made news reports in 2002.

He told the diocese he had contributed to the site – which included his photo – when its purpose was to support gay priests in a celibate lifestyle but stopped in 2001 after others began posting pornographic material…

Celibacy is a requirement of Catholic priests.

Dallas Diocese officials insist Mallinson did nothing wrong and will soon find a new assignment. The decision to leave, they say, was his alone.

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  • Andy

    I have no sympathy with religious gays. I _agree_ with Peter LaBarbera that Christianity is anti-homosexual. He thinks that’s a reason to get rid of homosexuality; I think it’s a reason to get rid of Christianity (and all other religions, while we’re at it).

  • Woof

    Just like anything else it is community based. I live in a very gay community and the Catholic church in the neighborhood is very accepting, inviting and supportive of the gay church-going committee. Shoot on any given Sunday the gays clearly out number the straights. It is even common knowledge that some of the priest are openly gay “celibate” clergy. Sure our money helps the church keep going, but it is give and take to practice your religion and be out and proud in your church. In the 7 years I have been going there, not once has there been an anti-gay homily, legislation discussion or anti-gay marriage.

  • Andy

    Sounds nice, Woof, but your church’s official policy, as endorsed by the former Grand Inquisitor and his hierarchy, is anti-gay. It’s like saying that _my_ branch of the KKK doesn’t kill blacks or Jews. Doesn’t matter — the organization is opposed to gay rights, and all gays members, clergy and laypeople, should leave.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Photo please! Fucking a priest wearing a dog collar can be hot!

  • Jaroslaw

    Obviously, the hierarchy thinks everyone is stupid. “his decision alone?” Nothing in the Catholic church is one person’s decision except possibly the Pope! And if he’s smart, he’ll try to build consenus on most things…..

  • ggreen

    Here in the Castro lots of gays fool them selves into believing Most Holy Redeemer catholic church is some sort of oasis for gays in the hate filled Catholic desert. Ha if the church leaders in Rome knew what was going on there they’d close the place down. Remember the hissy the church had with the drag queens. It’s like the Schizophrenics of America offering free personality tests and giving out awards.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Gay + Catholic + Intelligence = Episcopalian

  • walt zipprian

    Religion is a lie just like santa claus and the tooth fairey.

    The only difference is that this lie has millions of adherents, many of whom would like for us not to exist.

  • bellgamba

    Father Art has been the subject of a nasty witch hunt resulting in his name being dragged through the mud, his parochial duties being stripped from him, and even not being allowed to assume a hospital chaplaincy — all because he’s gay.

    I am a friend and former parishioner of Fr. Art’s. Regardless of his twenty-seven years being an ordained member of the clergy, the thousands of people’s lives he touched through his preaching, teaching, ministry to the sick and dying (and their families), counseling, reaching out to those who live on the margins of society, making everyone feel welcome and worthy of God’s love and his appreciable love of music (he does like to sing) his reputation has been maliciously destroyed and his life’s calling ruined due to a vicious media attack by a conservative faction of the Catholic Church. Fr. Art is a good and kind man, a model of propriety, and he has not been charged or even alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct.

    Due to the malicious machinations of Barbara Kralis and the organization to which she belongs, the Roman Catholic Faithful, Fr. Art’s life and those who know and love him have been devastated. Not only has he been summarily given the boot by the Bishop of Dallas, Kevin Farrell, but he has even been denied a chaplaincy at a Dallas hospital (note that Dallas has an anti-gay discrimination ordinance that applies to all businesses operating within the city limits).

    Now the questions I pose to the “lady” Kralis, her organization, and those who think along those lines are: Where is the Christian charity, where is the love, where is the forgiveness, where are the tenants of the Gospel message? As Christ said “love one another as I have loved you”. Who did Christ minister to? The outcasts and sinners. The pious and holy are well and good, but without love and compassion all their acts are worthless.

    I urge you to Google “Arthur Mallinson” and “Barbara Kralis” to learn more about this scandal and the hateful woman behind it. If you so choose please write Mrs. Kralis and Bishop Farrell at the respective Email address below to let them know of your disapproval and outrage:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]


    A concerned friend

  • sandy

    talk to me need ur help

  • getreal

    @sandy: Need help what’s wrong?

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