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Gay Rape Ignorer Alberto Gonzales Still Employable


Remember when George W.’s Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ignored sexual abuse allegations from Texas teens in a juvenile detention facility? And he tried to cover it up? And he went so far as to hint that maybe these young boys were actually enjoying it? It was something straight out of Sleepers. And it was — depending on whether you listen to Gonzales’ supporters or detractors — among the reasons Gonzales resigned two years ago. (Some might say it was because Gonzales led the firing squad against anti-GOP U.S. attorneys.) But now Gonzo has found a new job. At a school. Of higher education.

At Texas Tech University, Gonzales will be teaching a junior level “special topics” seminar called “Contemporary Issues in the Executive Branch.” What are the over-unders on whether such contemporary issues will include whether it’s okay for the White House to authorize detainees be subjected to forced simulated gay sex?