George Michael rehearsing Queen’s “Somebody to Love” as David Bowie watches will floor you


We don’t need to overstate the obvious: 2016 has been rough.

But here’s a little reminder that while some of the world’s great artists have left the stage, their work lives on in perpetuity. Hell, Prince had a warehouse full of unreleased tracks.

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The below clip features the memory of one performer — Freddie Mercury, and two who passed away this year — George Michael and David Bowie.

The year was 1992, and reeling from the loss of Freddie, the stars aligned for a tribute show for the fallen Queen frontman.

Watch, and feel free to let the tears flow, as George Michael absolutely nails “Somebody to Love.” David Bowie hangs out in the wings, cool as ever, in total approval.

And that rehearsing clearly paid off: