Glee: Kurt’s Life Now Threatened For The Gay Kiss He Never Wanted

On last night’s Glee, we saw the return of Max Adler’s character Dave, who forced himself on Chris Colfer and became Kurt’s first gay kiss. And just like viewers, Adler had no idea he was going to play a gay.

It was the “first time I’ve kissed a guy,” Adler tells MTV News. Usually accustomed to throwing slushies, “I was as shocked as anybody else was,” he says. Fittingly, Adler has added his name to the It Gets Better campaign, so viewers will be forced to realize the difference between real-life Max and fictional Dave — who last night threatened Kurt to keep that kiss a secret: “If you do [tell anyone], I’m gonna kill you.”

Ugh. Are we setting ourselves up for a gay bashing storyline?

So Kurt’s First Gay Glee Was Kiss Was A Surprise. So Was His Teacher Confrontation