Glee: Kurt’s Life Now Threatened For The Gay Kiss He Never Wanted

On last night’s Glee, we saw the return of Max Adler’s character Dave, who forced himself on Chris Colfer and became Kurt’s first gay kiss. And just like viewers, Adler had no idea he was going to play a gay.

It was the “first time I’ve kissed a guy,” Adler tells MTV News. Usually accustomed to throwing slushies, “I was as shocked as anybody else was,” he says. Fittingly, Adler has added his name to the It Gets Better campaign, so viewers will be forced to realize the difference between real-life Max and fictional Dave — who last night threatened Kurt to keep that kiss a secret: “If you do [tell anyone], I’m gonna kill you.”

Ugh. Are we setting ourselves up for a gay bashing storyline?

So Kurt’s First Gay Glee Was Kiss Was A Surprise. So Was His Teacher Confrontation

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  • Chad

    This necessitates the legal and disciplinary action in an upcoming episode which features Karofsky’s father.

    Why doesn’t Kurt just threaten him back?


    Gotta give Murphy mega props for that kiss. That one came waaaaaaayyyy outta left field and damm, I doubt anyone saw that one comming………….

  • Erick

    “Ugh. Are we setting ourselves up for a gay bashing storyline?”

    Dear Queerty:

    Im guessing you dont do much research before you post. At this point is very well known in the media that Glee will tackle a bullying storyline for the entire season, that will include Kurt for being gay, but will not be only about him.

    And you are right, it seems Adler is making the difference between himself and his character, he seems genuine and a sweetheart and he is kinda cute too.

  • Glenn

    This show jumped the shark quicker than most Murphy projects…

  • scott ny'er

    @Glenn: Like which one?…

    As I stated before, I wonder how much this was planned in advance. I’ll say Chris is a pretty good actor.

  • Matthew

    Do you think there could be a possible love connection between kurt and Karofsky? I mean usually when a jock does this the jock tends to fall for the other guy. There’s usually only two ways this can go, fall in love or gay bash. But I think the gay bash would be better, to open up the audience(because it’s a huge show seen by a lot of people), because people don’t realize the severity of gay bashing until it happens to someone they love(brothers, sisters, friends, loved ones, etc.).

  • Cam

    I do like the fact that the show is reinforcing the truth that much of the gay hate comes from people trying to hide their own homosexuality and who are freaked out about it.

  • Stenar

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Uhh… Sorry, but I totally saw that gay kiss coming.

  • AgBoiNV

    Well, this might make the earlier rumors about Kurt getting with the quarterback kiiiiiiind of true. Murphy has stated on the record that they “aren’t sure” which way Kurt’s love interests might go; will it be Blaine, or Karov?

  • AgBoiNV

    Also, I have to say I would kind of prefer the latter option…..or even that Blaine falls for Karovski…… That would mean three homogays on one high school-set show! (Darren Criss was signed for the rest of the season and beyond) Entertaining for us and torturous for the [self-]haters.

  • Red Meat

    Team Blaine!

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @scott ny’er: Nip/Tuck.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @Cam: Are you being sarcastic?

  • Chuck

    I love Glee. The bullying plot line is important and great tv. I am not sure we are meant to take what Ham Hock said as literal. People say they will ‘kill you’ all the time and it’s a cliche. He also winked at Kurt during the episode.

    It is clearly a mean thing to say but I doubt Kurt will make a big deal about it now since he is finally getting happier thanks to Blaine. Also, if the school looks the other way when Kurt is slushied, banged against lockers, and dumped in a dumpster, is there really any hope for justice in a he said, he said situation?

  • Kev

    I guess Chris is really a good actor as I find him charming in interviews yet I find Kurt to be an unlikable, bitchy queen – kind of like a teenage version of its creator.


    @Kev: You are pretty dead on, I guess……..Chris originally auditioned for the role of Artie. Ryan Murphy said he saw so much of himself in Chris’ acting that he actually created the charachter of Kurt specifically for Chris…….

    The name Kurt was taken from the Sound of Music charachter, and Hummell because there was a “fragility” of Chris’ persona……….Go figger!

  • johnny

    Hallelujah, Kev, I was wondering when someone would express exactly what my thoughts have always been about Kurt. I really don’t find the character at all charming or heroic. He really is very unlikable.

  • DR


    Actually that rumor has been cleared up.

    Chord Overstreet was originally cast as Sam, the jock to be Kurt’s boyfriend. There was such great chemistry between Chord and Dianna Agron that the character Sam was rewritten as straight, and then open casting happened for a new boyfriend for Kurt.

    As for the other concerns, we get to meet Karofsky’s dad next ep, and as someone pointed out to me in another Glee thread, there are pics out there showing Kurt in a Dalton Academy uniform.

    And Darrin Criss was just signed as a full cast member through season three. Things are going to get interesting.

  • Hilarious

    I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t want Dave as Kurt’s boyfriend.

    Like I just don’t see anyone turning a bully into their boyfriend just because he finally comes out. I ran into plenty of people like that character and I stayed far away from them even after I knew they were gay.

    Anger issues don’t just go away. Why ask to get into a potentially abusive relationship? Seems like a bad message to send to teens too. Guy threatens your life? Oh well that’s fine if he later comes out as gay, that means he no longer wants to slap you silly if you piss him off.

  • Sam

    Ugh…are we taking ourselves a little too seriously?

  • EM

    “Chord Overstreet was originally cast as Sam, the jock to be Kurt’s boyfriend. There was such great chemistry between Chord and Dianna Agron that the character Sam was rewritten as straight, and then open casting happened for a new boyfriend for Kurt.”

    Meh, that’s just Life and Style PR rubbish.

    But I like the Dave and Kurt storyline. I’d love to see them get together.

  • DR


    Maybe, maybe not. Either way, this is a better story line, and Blaine will be around for the next two seasons. I don’t think I could have stood two seasons of Kurt and Sam.

  • Mike

    Well now here in Toronto kids in school are throwing slushies and ice at the gay people in their own gay village.Just not sure why or how this is happening.It is terrible!

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