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“Good riddance, douche”: Brothers Osborne’s crystal clear message for any antigay country fans out there

Last week we learned the very relatable (and hilarious) way John Osborne found out his brother, T.J., was gay.

The country stars make up the group The Brothers Osborne, and besides the embarrassing reveal, we also caught a glimpse of how great an ally John is.

The bros have been vocal about the current right-wing push to revisit gay marriage rights in the wake of Clarence Thomas’ now-infamous concurring opinion when the Court struck down Roe, and they’re not backing down.

After re-tweeting one message that states country and bluegrass performer Clarence White was greater than Clarence Thomas (fact)…

…and another from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg criticizing the 157 House Republicans who voted against the Respect of Marriage Act that came next…

…it was obvious where John and T.J. stood on the issues.

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But poor ‘ole Todd was triggered by the brothers’ show of human decency. The (former) fan lashed out at the stars, writing: “Ohhh, you’re going to get political now? Nah. You sing songs, bro. I’m out. Unfollow, purge playlists. Not sure when artists will realize you can only alienate half your audience with your personal politics. Always lots of self-importance but no self-awareness.”

Oh Todd.

Here’s how the singers responded: “There are literally politicians who are actively motivated to ensure that one of us isn’t allowed to marry. But we must stay muzzled because we ‘sing songs, bro. Good riddance, douche.”

We couldn’t have sung it better ourselves.

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Their fans agreed:


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