Gustavo Correa’s tongue, Chris Salvatore’s copilot, & Colton Underwood’s jockstrap

This week P!NK trolled Ron DeSantis in Florida, Zac Efron endured a Speedo mishap, and Gay Twitter™ showed off their hairy chests. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Austin Holmes had a seat.

Carlos Sainz took a break.

Gustavo Correa showed tongue.

Dylan Efron went to the beach.

Andrea Denver showed off.

Chris Salvatore caught a flight.

Jack Laugher stayed hydrated.

Colton Underwood showed off.

Bruno Alcantara went to Brazil.

Nathan Nuyts stretched out.

Matty Holehouse wore white.

Carson Tueller woke up early.

Charlie King pushed himself.

Johnny Middlebrooks stayed humble.

Nick Walker flipped a home.

Stephen Lomas picked a pumpkin.

Taylor Stilson flexed.

Sterling Walker stayed fit.

Kevin McDonald took a bath.

And Flavio Valabrega ran around New York.

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