Racial divide

This guy is suing Grindr for allowing discrimination against Asians

An Asian man says he plans to sue Grindr for racial discrimination.

Sinakhone Keodara is the CEO and founder of the Asian Entertainment Television company. He recently announced on social media that he’s organizing a class action lawsuit against the hookup app.

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In the post, Keodara says that Grindr allows “white gay men to write in their profiles ‘no Asians’, ‘not interested in Asians’: or ‘I don’t find Asians attractive’,” which, he believes, leads to people feeling “offended, humiliated, degraded and dehumanised” by the app.

Keodara says he’s looking for co-plaintiffs in all 50 states to join his class action. He says anyone who wants to join must be a paying customer on the app.

A 2015 study found that 15% of guys on the Grindr included sexual racism like “Not attracted to Asians” on their profiles, with white users being the worst offenders.

Meanwhile, just last week, a Facebook group called “Muscle Bears” was exposed for openly discriminating against people of color with a statement that read: “If you are Asian or African do not join the group because it will be blocked from this group.”

Grindr, which is owned by the Chinese gaming firm, Kunlun Tech Co., has not issued any comment on the proposed class action lawsuit.

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