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Guys call out queerbaiting OnlyFans creators: “Low-effort cash flow and ego boost”

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Remember when queerbaiting was just the domain of celebrities with an album to sell? Now it’s social media stars who are talking the talk of queerness without walking the walk. And followers are certainly noticing.

“Every OnlyFans creator is bisexual until it’s time to actually have sex with the same sex,” one Reddit user vented in a recent r/askgaybros post.

“I acknowledge that you don’t have to actually have sex with someone of the same sex to be bi,” that user elaborated. “But when your selling point is you being bisexual, hot, and open, is it not fair to expect at least some same-sex action? Or any, for that matter? This isn’t to say I hate OnlyFans. It’s just annoying to see so much gay-bait being peddled around the internet. The truly sad part is that it, for the most part, works.”

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Commenters on the post commiserated with the original poster. “All the ‘bi’ dudes on TikTok figured out that they could get a huge following on OnlyFans by creating thirst traps and pandering to a gay audience,” one wrote.

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“Straight boys gay-bait because it’s low-effort cash flow and ego boost,” another explained. “And it’s a legit industry now; the Instamodels have a whole scheme/handbook they share. Many [of them] pay girls or an agent to manage their online profiles. So you think you’re interacting with this sexy dude, when you’re really being sent pics, vids, pre-recorded voice messages, etc. by his girlfriend or rep.”

One commenter said the “scam” would stop if queer fans stopped thirsting over the queer-bait and started supporting gay or bi dudes or, at least, honest straight dudes. “But wishful thinking gays keep subscribing, so oh well,” that user lamented.

And another commenter said that these queer-baiters are less bisexual than buy-sexual, as in, “They’ll say anything sexual to get you to buy.”

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One person, meanwhile, pointed out some nuances: “There are different layers to this. There are plenty of very obviously bi guys on OnlyFans. Being bi is not gay-baiting. There are also tons of low-effort ‘Come see me and [other Instagram model with a broccoli cut] push our limits (by rubbing our soft bulges together and moaning like llamas getting a prostate exam for 15 seconds in a clip we’ll charge you $50 for)!’ guys. Or those asses who very obviously have a dildo in their briefs/engage in ‘creative photo editing’ whilst spamming TikTok and Twitter with accounts. The latter is dumb (and actually gay-baiting in my opinion), but to say ‘Every bi guy on OnlyFans does X’ is a bit disingenuous.”

What say you? Wish you could say “bye” to the clearly-not-bis? Or are you happy to bite that queer-bait, hook, line, and sinker? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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