Greg Scarnici – the adorable homo who brought us the now legendary Beyonce send-up – wrote the opening credits for Oscar Award-winning filmmaker Curt Johnson’s animal-friendly doco, Your Mommy Kills Animals. MC Fashionista and BQE make the fur fly. Well, not really.

• Former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chief, Colin Powell spoke about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell on this weekend’s Meet The Press. Here’s what old Mr. P had to say about the plan he helped devise: “I think it’s certainly moving in [away from DADT]. I think the, the country has changed in its attitudes quite a bit. ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ was an appropriate response to the situation back in 1993. And the country certainly has changed…” While he didn’t rescind his historic endorsement of the law, The Front Lines points out he’s been mulling the homos: I will not second-guess the commanders who are serving now, just as I didn’t want to be second-guessed 12 or 13 years ago. But I think the country is changing. We may eventually reach that point.”

The Economist + New York + Dick = New Fag Rag.

Massachusetts’ gay marriage vote to be delayed?

Gay families are just like every other family. Only gay.

• San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom likes his ladies young. And drunk. And dishonest.

NY Times> will only hang out with you if you have blow, know someone has blow or plan on getting some blow.

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