Hi, officers

These hot cops posted a single selfie and now everyone on Facebook is fainting

It all began wholesomely enough, when three young cops decided to post a group photo to Facebook alongside the innocent caption:

“Officers Nordman, Hamill and Rengering…part of the night crew getting ready to do some work.”

Related: New York Instagram sensation “Hot Cop” swears those leaked photos are fakes. We… have our doubts.

Little did they know the image would spread like wildfire, leaving a trail of lust and lasciviousness in its wake.

There are thousands of comments and we’d be happy to read all of them:

As the situation escalated, the three officers called for backup:

And they offered their new cadre of adoring fans the following update:

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  • ChrisK

    Looks like a 21 jumpstreet reboot.

  • nycbklyn

    Cops suck! and not in a good way self righteous hypocrites

    • prarie pup

      I fear I must agree with you, nycbklyn.

    • n1spirit

      Consider this… Perhaps (1) You should do fewer things that draw their attention to you (you know, such as “BREAKING THE LAW”), or (2) perhaps you’ve just not yet realized that those who are getting the most attention are the cops that ARE douche bags, not the MANY who are on the job for the right reasons; you know, trying to help people. When you paint an entire group of people with a judgment just because of the actions of a percentage of them, don’t expect that those same tactics won’t be used against yourself (and whatever group you might identify with).

    • amigay

      Oh please Spirit, stop with the BREAKING THE LAW talking points crap. Cops fall into one of two douchebag categories….you really ARE a douchebag or you’re a douchebag because you don’t report the douchebags and stay quiet because “you don’t turn a bro in.”
      Your so called good cops know who the bad ones are.
      Oh well, at least these three shot a pic instead of a person.

  • OzJosh

    Given the current state of policing across the USA, Queerty fetishising cops is about as far from cool as it’s possible to get.

  • batesmotel

    Definite hotties!

  • Aaron

    1. These cops are not hot. They’re pretty average looking.

    2. This post is out of touch and would mostly appeal to White gay males over 35 with a specific taste in men.

  • tdh1980

    They look like any guy one can find on the Scruff global grid, which is to say not terribly remarkable — handsome, but in a dude-you-can-see-at-Starbucks-on-any-given-day kind of way. Are straight women not used to seeing attractive men?

    • bobbibubbi

      THANK YOU!!! God what is it about this scruff craze?? That one in the middle must be barely 25 but could pass for 40 with that ugly beard. What is this obsession we have with the “rugged” look? Are we all that starved for masculinity?? Look, I’m not advocating that everyone go back to the impeccably shaved, groomed, slick gel-ed metrosexual look but why rush the aging process? You’ve got only a span of 10-12 short years of prime youth before baldness and uncontrollable hirsutism sets in so why rush it??

  • Cornellcw3

    Where is the Hot Black cop that is also apart of that same unit?


  • abachooklas

    They’re not that hot. You queens have low-ass standards.

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