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How Davey Wavey Came Out To His Mom 10 Years Ago

“When my mom asked what I needed to say, I couldn’t find the words. As she held my head in her lap, I felt so vulnerable—like a young child. I knew that so much of my future was hanging on this moment, and that it was all so beyond my control. I remember hearing the tick of my mom’s watch against my left temple, and in the space between the seconds, I imagined what it would be like to be homeless and disowned. I wondered where I would go, or how, at age 17, I was going to make a living for myself. I felt the cold nights alone under the stars, and the emptiness in my stomach.” And then Davey Wavey came out to his mother.

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  • justiceontherocks

    I doubt she was surprised.

  • vdanker


  • Soupy

    Someone. Please stop him. I will pay.

  • Jason

    Anytime I see this guy, I’m reminded how badly he needs to brush his tongue. Yuck.

  • Jason

    Anytime I see this guy, I’m reminded how badly he needs to brush his tongue.

  • Kieran

    Only a cold-blooded, insensitive jerk could get their jollies stomping on someone while they were pouring out their heart about their most emotional moment.

  • ron

    There are people who have been dead for 50 years who could tell this guy was gay……

  • Jim Hlavac

    You know, I’m of the silver haired generation, and I can recall, back in the late 1970s, all through the 1980s and into the 1990s even, finding gay teens in front of bars in NYC, then FL, then New Orleans, and elsewhere, just whimpering and freaked out, often with not much cash. Earlier years it was one or two a week, then it started to slacken. They all told a similar story — they came out, and got thrown out, were given some small amount of cash, and told to go find some “queers” — so they did. And my friends and I, with jobs and homes, we took those kids in, and got them jobs, gave them confidence, and sent them on their way, without touching their junk.

    And since oh, 2000, I haven’t really found one kid who’s parents just chased them away. It’s gotten a lot better.

    As for those who don’t like Wavey’s videos — where’s your own far better product? Don’t like ’em, don’t watch him. Or is he so compelling that you torture yourself?

  • Jeffree

    As much as I dislike Mr. Wavey’s videos and constant fluttering of hands and spouting of platitudes, he told this story well. Read any book on coming out and see that is a pivitol moment in almost every gay man’s life.

    And being reminded of what that is like, from time to time, helps me find that small piece of compassion that still exists in my cynical heart.

  • Mikey

    @ Jim & Jefree – Your comments helped me through the lump in my throat from seeing a vulnerable Davey just 2 days after seeing Kurt and Blaine kiss for the first time. I guess I’m not that cynical an old man.
    @ many of the others – it’s very sad to have lost compassion at such a young age. I suppose it’s easy to lose after too many nights at the club being bitchy and cool with your BFF’s in the corner.

  • RomanHans

    @Mikey — Many of us wonder why Queerty force-feeds us the ramblings of a stereotypically “attractive” WHITE gay man who doesn’t appear to wear shirts, has nothing of any substance to say, and grabs every platform he can get to say it.

  • Charlie

    @RomanHans: Nothing of substance to say? Usually his videos encourage gay men to be nicer to each other and create a more positive existence. In this one he tells a story that many can relate to and could even be of use to young folks who haven’t come out to their family yet.

    But you don’t like messages of hope and you’re upset that he’s ‘stereotypically “attractive” and WHITE.’ Can he be held responsible for being attractive and or white? Are either a crime? Does he at any point claim to speak about the experiences of other races? Did you catch at the beginning where he points out that he’s had a pretty easy life in many ways? Which part of your dislike for him has anything to do with him and not your own insecurity and self-loathing?

  • RomanHans

    Fuck you, Charlie. I could care less that Davey Wavey is ‘stereotypically “attractive” and WHITE.’ It’s that Queerty, and apparently its readers, require ‘stereotypically “attractive” and WHITE.’ Or, you know, point me toward the unattractive black man that Queerty’s so focused on. Tell me about the ugly Hispanic men who inspire you with their messages of hope.

    Oh, and did you miss the word “shirtless”? You sure hold a lot of admiration for a guy who thinks nobody should/will pay attention to him unless he takes his clothes off. Yeah, and *I’m* the one with “insecurity and self-loathing.”

    Davey Wavey is an insult to a diverse, thinking gay community, and until he’s replaced by a dude with a brain and shirt Queerty (and you) ought to be ashamed.

  • Oli

    I thought that was a really lovely video. People need to stop being cruel.

  • Soupy

    Is it okay that I can dislike him personally, without being unfair/homophobic whatever. I just said that I would be willing to pay him to stop. That’s how a capitalist society works, right?

  • Shannon


  • Oprah

    Well, Davey–here is a hug for you. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • Jeffree

    @Soupy: Q’ty has been slowing down on the WaveyDiva vids lately, or so it seems. The love affair may be over. I hope this video will be the last one for a while. It’s his best one yet, (well the only good one ever), so it would be smart for him to go out on a high note.

    @Oprah: holla bak atcha gurrrl – u been readin alla tweets bout candyâss screeminmatch btwn nikki minaj + ke$ha? em byotches gittin goin all high n mity HA HA HA over nuffin good cuz just sum stoop guy not sellin they cds. wotchu thinq bout that cuz u got shakee opignons here on qwerety wheare u rilly no nuffin bout anyfing but mebbe we jest chanj subjekt 2 sumtin u can mebbe kno sho tell lil in side 411? HA HA HA HA LOL LOL

    @Shannon: Typing in all caps is a great idea: it’s rude and annoying, so people know youre a troll with nothing to say. Thanks for saving us the time of having to read your nonsense.

  • Soupy

    I’m even more impressed now lesbian big-dicked Jeffree that you also speak jive.

  • Jeffree

    @Soupy: Greetings to my fave biphobic lesbian eater of the crap! Technically, that “jive” is really tweeen-chat speak, and is used by people of all ethnicities. My neices send me regular samples, because they know I love me some linguistics. I’m also fluent in fundie-speak,but I don’t get to use it on this here blog!

  • Soupy

    Ah, I’m hip to that. By the way, have you tried the christina crap? It has a subtle, yet fragrant bouquet with a hint of the tropics.

  • Oprah

    Jeffree Whoa! That was good rappin bro. I luv it. Can i kiss ya? LOOOL

  • Soupy

    That is not appropriate for a 14 year old.

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