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HRC Just Granted Obama an Absolutely Horrific 7-Year Pass on Gay Rights (Updated)


If there was any doubt the Human Rights Campaign was colluding with Democrats and the White House to give Barack Obama a pass on your civil rights, confirmation arrived yesterday, when the organization told its “millions” of members not to judge the president today, but wait until January 19, 2017. Yes, more than seven years from now.

The stupidity of the message

But what has he [Obama] done?

I’ve written that we have actually covered a good deal of ground so far. But I’m not going to trot out those advances right now because I have something more relevant to say: It’s not January 19, 2017.

That matters for two reasons: first, the accomplishments that we’ve seen thus far are not the Obama Administration’s record. They are the Administration’s record so far….

I am sure of this: on January 19, 2017, I will look back on the President’s address to my community as an affirmation of his pledge to be our ally. I will remember it as the day when we all stood together and committed to finish what Senator Kennedy called our unfinished business. And I am sure of this: on January 19, 2017, I will also look back on many other victories that President Barack Obama made possible.

— should be self-evident. (The full message is on the next page.) That note, from HRC’s Joe Solmonese, effectively lets Obama off the hook for your LGBT rights until the last day of his (not definite) second term. Yes, Solmonese is saying we will judge Obama’s legacy on that date. But you know who can’t wait for 2017 for Obama to come around? The same people who supposedly aren’t facing “immediate threats” to their civil rights: American soldiers, parents who yearn to adopt, couples who are not attached under the law, employees who can be fired at a moment’s notice because they are queer.

It’s preposterous that an organization charged with defending and demanding the rights of LGBT Americans — and already facing allegations of telling Obama to give preference to some gay rights legislation while ignoring others — just told the entire world that the gay community can wait until Obama is moving out of the White House to expect our rights. The ramifications of HRC’s message are dire; the media and other gay organizations around the world take cues from this organization, and if this is the agenda they are pushing, we worry it’ll reverberate into a message the “gay community” is behind.

It is not.

HRC may be comfortable “looking back” at some point in the future, but that’s not good enough for millions of us who don’t have seven years to putz around and, fingers crossed, expect a man to come to our aid. We certainly share Solmonese’s hope: That when Obama is done as commander-in-chief, we’ll wave goodbye to a man who helped enact the most progressive slate of gay rights legislation in this country’s history. But we don’t expect too much from a guy who doesn’t (publicly) think we’re entitled to the M-word.

We’re not in the business of building Obama’s legacy. We’re in the business of making sure we’re all treated like any other America. We’re not quite sure where HRC’s mission falls.

Maybe the protests arranged for tonight’s HRC dinner shouldn’t be aimed at the president, but at America’s “largest” Gay Inc. organization.

UPDATE: Joe sends this update, clarifying:

I’ve seen some reactions to my weekly message, that I gave the President a free pass not to fulfill his campaign promises until 2017.

Here’s something from what I wrote that the authors didn’t include in their pieces: “I predict great things coming out of our work with this President, but that does not mean that I am satisfied today. Our community cannot be satisfied so long as DOMA is on the books and an inclusive ENDA is not.“ I am not satisfied.

HRC is not satisfied.

Our community is not satisfied and that’s why thousands of LGBT people and our allies are in Washington this weekend to demand more.

That’s our position. Stopping here would mean losing. But stopping here is not what we intend to do.

We are pushing for much more. It is our job to dog them, but it is also our job to make sure that success is possible. As I wrote, “To do the work, we have to work with our supporters in Congress and with the Administration.

Whatever you think of the Administration’s first nine months, you don’t pass laws by sitting out. You pass laws by sitting at the table.” Do I believe we’ll have a good track record by 2017? Yes. But the President can’t deliver on his promises alone. It will take all of us working together.

NEXT PAGE: Solmonese’s original message in full.

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  • alicia banks


    Like millions of other wise gays who refuse to be political doormats for Obama, I am absolutely appalled that the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has chosen to invite him to tell homosexuals more lies. It is akin to inviting Don Imus to speak at a black hair show. It is as painfully awkward as inviting Tony Dungy to speak at a PFLAG convention. It is as senseless as inviting Donnie McClurkin to host one of his suicidal “workshops”, which teach gay men to be abusive down-low adulterers, to speak at a Black Gay Pride rally. It is as vulgar as choosing Rick Warren to pastor a gay wedding.




  • RomanHans

    We should applaud Mr. Solomonese for these honest words. Obviously with Obama in office, everything is going to be terrific, and nothing more needs to be done. I’ll certainly stop giving my money to the HRC, and I’ll tell my friends that HRC has declared themselves finished and get them to stop donating too. Good news!

    Naturally I expect HRC will regroup around 2016 to make sure everything’s going okay, but I’m sure we won’t hear from them until then. So, adios, guys! Good luck finding new jobs.

  • Stacy

    HRC ALWAYS does this! They are much more interested in cocktail party invites from powerful Washington insiders than taking a hard stand for the good of all of us. I used to be a member but stopped after they did this during the Clinton years. I suggest if people want to send a message to HRC they consider ripping up their membership cards, putting the pieces in an envelope and sending it to HRC headquarters. They don’t work for us anymore, they work for themselves.

  • Andrew

    Why wait until 2017? That’s easy – $2,800,000.

    That’s Joe’s salary for 8 years. It’s not about LGBT, it’s about Joe.

  • Brian

    H8 years?

    Thanks Joe. Thanks HRC.

    There is no more reason to wonder why we have stopped
    giving HRC our money and why many of us believe HRC
    has become irrelevant.

  • QL Dallas

    Tonight we are protesting Obama and HRC. We will get results. It’s our job.

    Too many people in our community waste their time being nice. You end up being part of the problem. We are the solution. The world should know that the LGBT community has had enough of Obama and HRC’s bull. It’s time to make them deliver. We’ll just keep turning up the volume until we get what we were promised.

    Obama: announce LGBT “full civil rights” tonight. Justice delayed means we wait. We’re not waiting. Not anymore – you promised.

  • schlukitz

    Canceling my membership with HRC was the smartest move I ever made for equality.

    Remaining a member would have simply supported and assured seven more years of SOSDD.

  • Jamie Tyroler

    HRC will generate millions in donations and spend that money on dinners and cocktail parties where they’ll generate more money in donations. Besides that, what does HRC actually do? I’d be much more impressed if President Obama spoke at The Task Force’s Creating Change – they’d at least talk to him about being inclusive of the trans and queer communities.

  • SallyJJ

    I was a liberal at 20, believing that Democrats would follow through on the promises they were making. I’m now a Republican at 40, and still waiting on Democrats to follow through on the same promises they were making when I was 20.

    With a congressional majority, and Obama in the house, gay marriage could be a law. Gay equality could be a law. Equal benefits could be a law. All of those past promises could be laws, because they are in the majority and if they truly desired to do so, and if they truly were for equality, they could pass the bills. But, they haven’t. And they won’t. Instead, we have a president who stated during his campaign that he believed marriage was only between a man and a woman. That should have told the community where he stands on the matter of gay rights.

    They don’t care about civil rights. They care about carrying a voting block into each election with empty promises, year after year.

  • PopSnap

    My grandfather, a Barry Goldwater conservative, was verry right in something he told me a while ago: Politicians are glorified businesspeople. They make promises so they can keep jobs. There are some on both sides who honestly care about their beliefs and messages such as Dennis Kucininch and Ron Paul, but they are drowned out by corporate sellouts and cannot get their bills passed because Congress is busy voting on a bill to honor Joe Smith IV for his generous contribution towards cleaning up a park in Bumfuck Nowhere, Texas.

  • Brian

    I always suspected that the gay elites had made a back room deal with the Democratic Party, this just confirms it as a fact. The HRC has squandered its opportunity to put real leverage against the Democratic Party — showing up in the midterms. They sold us out with this deal, because there is no guarantee that the Democratic Party will stay in power. Now they are sure not to stay in power, because they don’t realize that they gay person in the street has lost patience, as they should. The Democrats and Obama could give the banks a trillion in the first 100 days, but they can’t accomplish two simple repeals of existing, discredited law – DADT and DOMA? Sold out.

  • InExile


    2017 is too long to wait, how dare you? How dare you speak for all of us regarding time tables? You will never, ever see another penny from me again. Who the hell are you working for? NOM or the Mormon Church?

  • Dan

    I’m not real pleased with Solmonese’s message either, but Americablog posted only one side of the message, and Queerty perpetuated the problem. Solmonese also said that HRC will push for more, and that “our community cannot be satisfied so long as DOMA is on the books and an inclusive ENDA is not.”

    He said, “You don’t get to the table at the expense of your principles. You don’t get the President’s ear at the expense of your expectations. In June I wrote a letter to President Obama describing HRC’s disagreement with his decision to defend DOMA in federal court, and with the offensive and inaccurate arguments the government put forth. It’s hard to read such a letter — a public one — from an ally.”

    I don’t think Solmonese should be cheerleading Obama at all. I think we need to withhold our support from Obama and the dems in congress until they pass our rights – and even demonstrate against their inaction. But I also think AmericaBlog and Queerty should tell the whole truth.

    The entire letter is posted at Pam’s House Blend. I disagree with much of it, but telling half-truths about it doesn’t help.

  • Republican

    “They sold us out with this deal, because there is no guarantee that the Democratic Party will stay in power. ”

    I’m glad someone realizes this. There is an assumption going around that the Dems are going to have control for the next decade or so because the Republicans did such a bad job the past few years. I think such thinking is extremely flawed. If the economy doesn’t improve soon, I think you’ll see swing voters with far less patience and far shorter memories who will want to go the other way again. And if Obama doesn’t deliver on some of his promises to his base, then you’re going to see apathy in that voting bloc, which is obviously not a good thing for Dems in general.

  • schlukitz

    @ InExile:

    Joe Salmonese has confirmed what we have known all along about HRC.

    Useless as tits on a bull! Pass ’em by.


    Solmonese also said that HRC will push for more, and that “our community cannot be satisfied so long as DOMA is on the books and an inclusive ENDA is not.”

    Wow. I am so fucking impressed!

    What else did Joe say of importance, huh? Bad enough that we have the hordes of Obama apologists on this blog to contend with, but it is really disheartening and disgusting when we are told by our own that we must also kiss the ass of Joe Samlonese, whose bloated annual salary we pay, after we are through kissing the ass of Obama, whose salary we also pay.

    As Al Bundy of Married With Children said to his lazy-assed wife, Peggy, when he arrived home from work only to see an empty table “When I get home from a hard days work at the office, I expect to see something dead on my plate!”

    While Mr. Obama’s plate may be full, ours, like Al Bundy’s, is sadly still empty!

  • Dan

    @ schlukitz: I didn’t say a damn thing about being impressed with Solmonese or kissing his ass. I said Queerty should be honest, and in return you flamed me. You’ve got a problem.

  • Hal

    I’m no great fan of HRC, they seem a fairly useless entity to me, but your headline is overly dramatic and somewhat dishonest. Please print the entire letter. Also, a little perspective would be nice. No electable politician from 2008 was going to be able to satisfy all our demands. Hillary would have acted the same way. I mean she too pretends that she isn’t for gay marriage, only civil unions.

    We need to keep calmoring for our rights and ensure that our voice is heard, but must do so without getting nutty and hysterical. Also, to my fellow posters, let’s not pretend that Obama and the Democrats are no different from the Republicans. The former may be moving much more slowly than we like, but at least they don’t spend their time actively trying to roll back our rights like the latter.

    Sigh. One unrelated point. When did Queerty become so dumb and tedious? I remember reading this blog a few years ago, and even when I disagreed with what it said, I didn’t get the feeling the people writing were completely retarded. Now, even when we fully agree, I come away feeling irritated and bored. Nothing is well-argued or well-reasoned. Contrast this with Andrew Sullivan or Towleroad and there’s a huge disparity in quality. Queerty is no longer a must-read blog for me.

  • Hal


  • Dick Mills

    Politics being what they are, it has always been my contention that neither our supporters, nor our persecutors want our issues to be resolved. Obama got 6.5 millions of our votes by effectively pandering to us. Our overt opponents, those whose spiteful animus seems always directed at us, they get blocks of votes because of that animus as well. If all of our issues are suddenly resolved, would 6.5 million of us continue to vote for progressives? If we were suddenly all rounded up and deported to Argentina (or somewhere), how would our opponents keep their hatemongering hordes committed to them?

    As long as we are a viable wedge issue, both our political “allies” and “enemies” really have little incentive to act for, or against, our interests. Especially when they can raise scads of money on our backs. And, I have to admit that it is not always easy to tell the difference between our “allies” and our “enemies”.

  • schlukitz

    Dan, I did not flame you. I flamed Joe Salmonese and Mr. Obama and those on this site who constantly apologize for the two of them. Please don’t take it personally.

    I fully agree with you that Queerty or any other site on the Internet for that matter, should be honest. That said, however, I read the entire letter from Joe Salmonese and to be totally honest with you, it pissed me off even more than the excerpt or Queerty’s headline or commentary, which is NOT the issue.

    Joe Salmonese is your enemy. Not me. I am a fellow gay like you, whose only interest is seeing the entire LGBT community get the rights we so justly deserve…and without having to wait another seven years to get them. He sold us down the river.

    I hope I have clarified my position.

  • Charles Merrill

    Will HRC be around in 7 years? What the world situation will be in 7 years is anyone’s guess, but I don’t think it will be anything like it is today. The value of the dollar is collapsing and China gains power because they own us. Then there is the nuclear possibility in the Middle East. Hope is not a reality to hold on to. LGBT Civil Rights? It’s now or never, but I don’t know how to get there. Too overwhelmed at all levels.

  • schlukitz

    Charles, you said It’s now or never, but I don’t know how to get there. Too overwhelmed at all levels.

    Being of around the same age level as you, I can sure relate to that!

    How many times, in our long lives on this planet, have we heard that we “need to wait”?

    Fr too often, I am afraid. And if experience is any teacher, those of old enough to have heard all those “you have to wait” messages, we have learned that what they really mean is “No”.

    And I, for one, am getting awfully tired of taking no for an answer, but like you, I don’t know what to do about it.

    I’ve worn my keyboard out writing letters to my congressman, representative and lord know how many Presidents while waiting to see “change I can believe in”.

    Anyone care to see my collection of letters signed by Presidents, Vice Presidents, Congressman and Representatives since Stonewall?

  • schlukitz

    @ Dick Mills:

    both our political “allies” and “enemies” really have little incentive to act for, or against, our interests.

    And what of DADT, DOMA and ENDA or bullying in our schools, to name but a few issues of concern to the LGBT community?

    Then there is the matter of Proposition 8 in California and the looming specter of another vote on our hard-won civil-rights in Maine.

    And you can state, with a straight face, that both our allies and our enemies really have little incentive to act against our interests?

    Wake up and smell the coffee, dude!

  • Dan

    @ schlukitz:

    This is how you flamed me: you posted “@ Dan” and followed that with a flame. If you don’t want me to take your posts personally, don’t make them personal. It’s your choice.

    Who my enemies are and what “the issue” is are not yours to decide. You say that your only interest is in securing equal LGBT rights, but that interest isn’t reflected in your posts except in the claim itself. On the other hand, if your interest is in attacking LGBT people and their supporters, you’ve already succeeded.

    I think you’re either losing your cool or your intent isn’t what you say it is – maybe both. Whatever the reason, your posts haven’t reflected your stated interest.

  • Dick Mills

    No. 23 · schlukitz, all of those things affect us, none of them affect our elected political officials. But, being able to use each of those things as a wedge issue in elections, does affect the political aspirations of politicians who are both our “friendly” and “spitefully hateful” toward us. If all of those issues become suddenly resolved in our favor, or hopelessly against us, then politicians will never again be able to rally the troops based on our issues. And that is all I was saying.

    They may have heartfelt opinions either for, or against our rights, but that isn’t always the way that politicians behave in the political arena. They do what is best for their upcoming reelection campaign. And, by the way, my espresso does smell good, I just wish the political climate of the world were as perfect.

  • naghanenu

    Im not gay so i guess i cannot understand the depth or your pain and impatience. I empathise with you all and pray things work out for your happiness.

    However, i think we should take it easy and ease up Obama.No I am not an Obamapologist but i believe in hope and in paradigm shifts. I mean 7 years ago could anyone see a man with African origin ruling this country…could you? Could you see the possibility that gays would even have the law( in its small way) actually recognise and give them rights?

    The man is trying….you fail to realise that with the small barely inconceivable amount he has done for LGBT he has enemies…powerful ones. In my church…a black one… people have already started calling him out as a sinner and the devil. Imagine the outrage when DOMA is repealed or DADT or even the adoption laws. He is taking a big political risk siding with LGBT.. THAT’S THE TRUTH.

    America is not gay friendly…do not deciecve yourselves with the statistics that young people support gay marriage line. I mean c’mon…kids nowadays are terribly absentminded…shiny things catch their attention. Just look at how Obama won this. It was this new shiny fad…’ooooo a black president, whose hot and talking about change…ooooo’

    In my dorm, there is an overwhelming tongue in cheek attitude towards LGBT. They actually see the gay cause as the new fad …just like the college kids in the sixties saw fighting against Vietnam war as a fad. Once the hype does their interest. if you want to marry and they will shout for you too but when it comes to putting down their votes… it will be ‘yeah i want you to be happy but its not natural’. Easily swayed.

    Trust Obama..because i have a horrible feeling that next president will not be so giving..Republicans anyone????

  • Old Timer

    I wonder how many people who are angrily saying they will not contribute anything to HRC have ever given them anything to begin with. I’m skeptical of them, and of Obama, but the guy’s been in office for nine months. Give it more time.

  • Macca

    I think it is a grave error projecting 2017 as a time to look back on the Obama legacy. If things don’t get better and soon, Obama will be a one hit wonder just as Carter was. Don’t rest your laurels on this president – he can be voted out of office just as he was voted in. HRC has lost touch and frankly, I’m glad I stopped donating in 1992.

  • QL Dallas

    We are holding Obama’s feet to the fire tonight. We will get him to grant our equal rights. We will win this. Watch CNN.

  • schlukitz

    Dan, if you can’t tell the difference between a response to your comments and hence my reason for prefacing it with @ Dan, and a flame, then I would suggest that perhaps it is you who has a problem.

    I suspect that you would have taken umbrage with me even if I had addressed you as Mr. Dan with all the respect that title would imply.

    In any event, it’s apparent that an explanation of my intent fell on deaf ears which would lead me to believe that the most sincere of apologies would probably meet a similar fate.

    I get that you are enjoying your sense of outrage far too much to allow a mere explanation or an apology to appease or mollify you.

  • schlukitz

    I wonder how many people who are angrily saying they will not contribute anything to HRC have ever given them anything to begin with.

    Epic fail, Old Timer.

    Attempting to discredit people, without proof, are the same cheap, sleazy and tawdry tactics the Repubathugs and the religious right use against the LGBT community.

    Shame on you.

  • mac mcneill

    Well as a gay white taxpaying voting American, I will judge what is done by the next election. I don’t expect it to be done the first year, but I do expect it to be done his first term. If DADT isn’t repealed and gays don’t have the rights as americans citizens, then when it comes time for the election, he won’t get my vote.

  • mac mcneill

    Schlukitz, I have been a contributor to HRC in the past and have stopped doing so because I don’t see what they’re doing to earn the money

  • schlukitz

    No. 25 Dan:

    They may have heartfelt opinions either for, or against our rights, but that isn’t always the way that politicians behave in the political arena. They do what is best for their upcoming reelection campaign.

    Well, you’ll get no argument from me on that comment. I, for one, have always believed that politicians have more in common with prostitutes than they would care to admit to. ;o)

  • schlukitz

    I couldn’t agree more with you, Mac McNeill

  • Old Timer

    Epic fail, Old Timer.

    Well, le4t’s see how many of the “500,000” demonstrators show up before we declare anyone’s “fail,” epic or otherwise.

  • Old Timer

    We are holding Obama’s feet to the fire tonight. We will get him to grant our equal rights. We will win this. Watch CNN.

    Well, I suppose if a few of you get boisterous and are arrested it’ll add some spice to the mix. Someone’s got to do it, I suppose. Might as well be you. If you get inside the event and disrupt it, prepare to be disowned.

  • Old Timer

    Word is that there are plenty of hotel rooms available in Washington tonight, and that the headquarters hotel, the Madison, has rooms available. Now, children, just whose “epic fail” is this?

  • QL Dallas

    Because of our planned protest tonight the President is busy figuring out what he will give us tonight. It will be something worthwhile. Remember Queer Liberaction when that happens. Some of us are willing to fight Old Man.

  • Old Timer

    Yes, and I understand that if the sun should rise in the East tomorrow morning, that Queer Liberaction should be remembered!

  • bystander

    Won’t have to wait till Jan 19, 2017…

    Jan 19, 2013 will do, after he looses re-election

  • Dan

    @ Schlukitz: Appease or mollify? I’m just seeing a conflict between your comments and your explanation of them. I think that’s clear from my last post. I don’t know where you’re getting anything else.

    No need to appease or mollify me. I’m not the incredible hulk, just some guy posting messages. Right now, my priority is forcing Obama’s hand and that of the dems in congress. I hope a bunch of other people are doing the same thing. If we keep doing that, I think we’ll get our rights.

  • QL Dallas

    @Dan Only Queer Liberaction is forcing the President to do the right thing. They are going to change his mind tonight – along with a lot of LGBT doubters.

  • Kris

    What governmental decisions did he change for the GLBT community?? I remember reading that those laws he suppodedly set up, were already on the books, and the GLBT community didn’t get anything that already was put into their (US govt) rule book. Come on, Joe, you’ve got to grab your balls and lay into this president. If not, we will all be waiting on the side of the road, growing old waiting for our civil rights, forever!!!!!

  • Old Timer

    @Kris, other than suspending enforcement of DADT there really isn’t much Obama can do for us. Repeal of DOMA and DADT have to go through Congress, and that involves legislative strategy and timing. You know the sort of thing that the “successful flashmob of 350” who “marched on the Capitol” today don’t have the first clue about.

  • jason

    The Human Rights Campaign needs to understand that we, the rank and file, won’t tolerate delays in our progress.

  • Old Timer

    @QL Dallas, so tell me, what bacon did Queer Liberaction just bring home?

  • Old Timer

    @Jason, are you a member of, or contributor to, HRC?

  • patient progressive

    Dear Republican (#14)
    You said “I think we need to withhold our support from Obama and the dems in congress until they pass our rights – and even demonstrate against their inaction.” IMO, allowing a return to Republican anti-progressiveness because the Dems and Obama don’t move fast enough is self defeating. It might be prudent for all of us to be careful we don’t end up inadvertently helping those against any reform at all and feeding the haters in the process. History books prove one thing-8 years is not a long time if you succeed, and the reasons for failure or lack of action are not always what they might seem in the present moment. Demonstrate for what you stand for, what you hope for, the positive platform rather than against those individuals who have the power. Negativity can harm a cause almost as much as violence. We can help Obama build mass support best by positive action, speaking truth in what is good and right, and maintaining good manners. The haters will fade away when support is overwhelming. Right now, the dems and Obama would pay a heavy price for putting this cause front and center and laws can be reversed-we want lasting change AND the political capital to stay in power.

  • spindoc

    We should have been donating to set up a fund and pay a REAL lobbying organization to fight for our rights. IF HRC gets us gay rights, they lose their reason to exist and to draw a high salary.

  • Brian

    And why is a REPEAL of DADT and DOMA this grand task. The Congress just terminates these law, and they come off the books. WHERE IS ALL THE FUCKING “WORK!” It is not a time consuming thing like building a new health care program, or formulating stimulus, or formulating trillion-dollar bailouts. Obama and his ruling democratic party can get enormous complicated new programs up and running, but can’t a couple of discredited laws dropped off the books?

    This bullshit that there is some great effort involved in the repeals is a LIE. No hearings needed, no grand “work.”

    And if Commander fucktard signed an executive order stopping the discharge of our vets because they are needed to FIGHT OUR WARS… HOW MUCH TIME DOES THAT TAKE?

  • schlukitz

    And if Commander fucktard signed an executive order stopping the discharge of our vets because they are needed to FIGHT OUR WARS… HOW MUCH TIME DOES THAT TAKE?

    Sadly, Brian, logic and reason is not the way in which our government seems to operate.

    And what would all of these politicos have left to justify their bloated annual salaries if they just simply stopped all of this feather bedding and actual got down to the business of passing some legislation?

    Like Joe Salmonese, all of these bufoons exist for their own celebration. Take away the problems, and they all would cease to exist. So, in reality, the people who are supposed to be working on solving our problems, are really the people who are creating them.

    It’s all fluffing designed to make everything think that they are working hard(ly) for the good of our nation.

    So, should we not all stand up (again) and give them another round of applause? They so love that, you know. ;D

  • BobinLA

    It seems that the problem is that all presidents, no matter the party do their jobs thinking they will be in office for 8 years. Think about your own jobs. If you have a tight deadline you work harder and faster to get your job done. If all presidents took office thinking on a 4 year schedule much more would be accomplished. I have a feeling with Obama that he won’t make a move with major LGBT legislation until his 2nd term. If he changed DOMA and got rid of DADT I’m not so sure that the black base of voters that came out in record numbers for the election would be there for him in 2012. Presidents need to start thinking about what’s right and not what will keep them in the white house for an extra 4 years.

  • Old Timer

    @BOBINLA, you don’t seem to get it. DADT and DOMA are federal laws. Only Congress can repeal them, and sometimes Congress doesn’t do what the president wants, even when the president’s party is in control. A Democratic congress didn’t pass Clinton’s health care package, and a Republican congress didn’t pass Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security.

    I realize that many of the Equality marchers are terribly bored by civics, but that’s the reality of the situation. To get what we want, Obama has to engage in politics, and part of politics is timing. People need to grow up and get used to that.

  • damon459

    Gay rights will not progress until we stand a one to demand those rights rather then jumping on political bandwagons every 4 yrs, Politicians lie we know that anyone who doesn’t has been living under a rock Obama lied who surprised? and he can get away with it because we aren’t a sold group I see gays disagree on what they want all the time as an example the right to marry some want it some don’t some are fine with civil unions and some just don’t care one way or the other it’s the same with gays in the military, hate crimes and employment discrimination and as I already stated until we as a group can agree on any of these issues the politicians will just pander to us long enough to get elected and then forget about us because we won’t hold their feet to the fire. I hate to say it but I see to may gays who don’t even vote at all their to busy looking for the next hookup online or the next cocktail at the local watering hole. So stop bitching and unite or get over it.

  • Dump Joe

    Hey Joe, that’s awesome that you support an inclusive ENDA now. Remember when you used HRC’s lobbying muscle to yank that provision out of the original ENDA two years ago because you said it wouldn’t pass if it was in there?

    And then you STILL failed to get a non-inclusive ENDA passed?

    That was awesome. You are so worth $400,000 per year.


  • schlukitz

    @ Dump Joe: Some three thousand LGBT gay people who attended the HRC dinner in DC last Saturday night think so.

    They are still paying his salary.

    Dumb fucks!

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